Minnesota Couples Counseling Practice Hires New Client Care Coordinator

Evolve Therapy, a Minnesota Couples Counseling Practice, has announced the hire of a new client care coordinator. Lauren Black has joined the team of therapists at Evolve who help couples and individuals resolve their issues and improve their relationships through emotionally focused therapy.

Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) is a type of therapy that helps couples and individuals resolve their issues and improve their relationships through exploring and addressing the emotions that are at the root of their problems. EFT focuses on the emotions that are being experienced in the moment, rather than on the events or issues that may have led to those emotions.

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Lauren commented, "I am so excited to work with the clients at Evolve Therapy. I believe in the power of therapy to help people grow and change, and I am committed to providing compassionate care to everyone who walks through our doors."

As the client care coordinator, Lauren will assist clients in their therapy journey and help them find the right type of support for them. She will also be responsible for managing the office and matching new clients with a therapist. She will answer the phone, provide referrals, do the billing and send out client satisfaction surveys.

Caring for people is a natural fit for Lauren. According to Lauren, "I came to work at Evolve because I love connecting with people and creating emotionally supportive spaces in which people feel comfortable sharing and asking for support. I am just beginning my journey on the path to becoming a therapist myself and aim to apply to graduate school soon for a degree in social work."

Lauren comments that outside of her work at Evolve Therapy, she volunteers her time to support causes like stopping climate change and resolving disputes as a volunteer community mediator through.

Evolve Therapy owner, Renee Segal, echoed Lauren’s sentiment and stated she is happy to have Lauren on board and looks forward to providing her with the support she needs to grow as a therapist and help others in their own journeys.

For more information about Evolve Therapy or to schedule a couples counseling session, contact their office at 612-875-6416.


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