Minneapolis DWI Lawyer Announces 2 Recent Legal Victories

Ambrose Law Firm - DUI Attorney is a reputable Minneapolis and St. Paul legal practice that is proud to put its many years of law experience to work serving those in its area. Part of that includes sharing their successes in all of the wide variety of traffic and criminal law areas that they specialize in. A good example of that is two legal victories that this firm just announced on its website. One concerning representing a client in a DWI case and another where they represented a client in a prescription drug matter. These are just two of the many legal success stories that this firm was a part of last month.

Robert Ambrose, owner and attorney-at-law at the firm, says, “We take much pride in being able to represent ‘good people in unfortunate situations. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and we know how to take a look at every aspect of a DWI or criminal proceeding to make sure the prosecution has done their job and presented an airtight case. Since this is often not what has taken place, we use our many years of legal experience in traffic and criminal law to help obtain a favorable outcome for our clients. Something that we very much like to share because it backs up our claims as to how good we are when it comes to making sure our clients are treated fairly under Minnesota law.”

Minneapolis DWI Lawyer

In the first case that the Ambrose Law Firm posted about winning on its website, it had to do with a client that was charged with a 2nd degree DWI offense. Attorney Ben Koll headed up the firm’s legal representation team in the case. Through this Ambrose Law - MN DWI Lawyer and his team’s efforts, they were able to obtain a motion to suppress on the grounds that the associated traffic stop was deemed to be illegal. A legal win in this area of the law comes as no surprise because it's one of their specialties according to Attorney Ambrose. Those that have had Ambrose Law Firm represent them in a DWI or other traffic-related case have been very complimentary of the legal assistance that they received. A recent client review stated, “No one likes getting a ticket for a traffic violation, but it makes for less stress when you have competent lawyers handling your case. Ambrose Law Firm, PLLC goes beyond being competent and I was relieved to talk directly to Ben Koll the professional attorney who helped me with two cases, and both of them were dismissed. Thanks, Ben, for your reliable assistance. They also did not charge me for their help. Thank you, guys.”

The second legal win that was posted in the same announcement on the Ambrose Law Firm, DWI & Criminal Lawyers website was a prescription drug defense that Attorney Ambrose personally handled. In that case, he was able to stem further legal proceedings for the incident during the implied consent phase of the litigation process. Criminal law is another area where many expressed their thanks for the legal representation that this Minneapolis-based law firm provided them with. Emma Tucker proclaimed, “My experience was beyond excellent. Robert was there for me every step of the way and really made me feel at ease with the unknown. He is extremely professional, and I knew I was in good hands. I would highly recommend Ambrose Law to anyone looking for help in a criminal case.”

Attorney Ambrose went on to say that they also take pride in being a well-rounded criminal, DWI, and traffic-related offense law firm. He mentioned that they handle everything from petty theft to white-collar crimes along with being able to help those accused of assault and probation violations. It was also stated how they not only have extensive DWI and DUI case handling experience, but they also have obtained favorable outcomes for those accused of criminal vehicular operation & criminal vehicular homicide. They will provide legal representation for all types of drug crimes, routinely help clients with Minnesota’s second chance law, and even provide juvenile law assistance. Those in the Twin Cities area that would like to find out how Ambrose Law Criminal Defense Attorney can best help them with a legal matter can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the ‘Free Consultation’ form that’s found on the firm’s website.


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