Minneapolis Car Accident Attorney Office McEwen & Kestner Is Helping Those Injured in Auto Collisions

McEwen & Kestner - Traffic Collision Attorneys are representing those injured in car accidents in Minneapolis.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, 364 deaths occurred on Minnesota roadways in 2019. That equates to a death every single day of the year. The top 4 contributing factors for the deaths were drunk driving (89 deaths), speed (75 deaths), unbuckled motorists (73 deaths), and distractions (34 deaths).

McEwen and Kestner law firm is urging motorists to follow the rules of the road to ensure a safe driving experience. In case someone does happen to be in a road accident, the law firm recommends the victim immediately contact an attorney that they can trust. The victim’s presence of mind and actions following an incident will be crucial in getting the proper injury settlement from the party at fault.

Personal injury settlements depend on the extent of the injuries along with the distribution of fault in the accident. For example, if the victim was partially at fault for the accident, their injury settlement might be lowered to account for their actions. Another possible scenario is that if the victim’s car insurance company is not cooperative with their lawyer while negotiating a settlement offer, it can lead to a lower payout. In the second scenario, the onus is on the victim’s lawyer to follow up with the insurance company and draft a watertight argument that will force the insurance company to comply and issue a fair settlement. McEwen & Kestner - Car Accident Attorneys ensure their clients that they will fight to the fullest extent of the law to get them the compensation that they deserve.

Having an attorney on one’s side will also guide the victim in understanding the fairness of a settlement. An accident attorney who deals with such situations on a daily basis will be aware of what constitutes a fair settlement and what is too little. The attorney will help the victim understand when they can ask for more from the insurance company of the offending party. This is important as in the aftermath of an accident, a victim might be willing to take a smaller settlement to put the accident behind them and move on with their life. An attorney that they can place their trust in will help them fight for the fullest possible compensation.

An attorney will also be helpful when the party they are representing is at fault and has to be the one that pays the settlement to the other party. The attorney of the client at fault will negotiate the amount down to ensure they are not being gouged by the other party, even though the client was at fault in the accident. Getting legal representation is one’s best defense for coming out strong out of a bad situation and only being liable for what one is legally required to pay.

McEwen & Kestner - auto injury reviews are filled with testimonials from clients who were satisfied with the legal representation that was provided to them by the law firm. The reviews can be read on the law firm’s Google My Business page and a few of them are even highlighted on the law firm’s own website.

One review from the Google My Business page says, “McEwen & Kestner did an amazing job on our case. They accomplished for our family what other law firms could not. We would highly recommend this firm for anyone suffering and looking for representation.”

Another review says, “Mr. Pete, know that I am very proud of you. You are a quality attorney, not a quantity. We Minnesotans are so blessed for having you. And thanks a lot Mrs. Susan, for the excellent communication and emotional support. You have been working with every client no matter their differences.”

The law firm can be contacted at the phone number (612) 324-1541. They are open from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. The law firm has thus far recovered over $500 million for all of its clients’ injuries.


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