Minerva Planning Group Releases New Website

The website is now more mobile-friendly for the fee-only investment planning group.

Minerva Planning Group, led by a certified financial planner, has launched a new website making it more user-friendly. The new website is mobile-responsive which means it is optimized for viewing on devices of different sizes. Both the layout and content adapt based on the size of the screen, such as a mobile phone or laptop.

Founded in 1987, Minerva Planning Group assists Federal employees in building financial plans and aligning their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and other investments with that plan. The TSP is the Federal Government's version of a 401 (k) plan, a retirement savings plan that many private employers offer to their employees. A TSP account is automatically set up for the employee when beginning Federal service, and the employer automatically deposits an amount equal to 1% of an employee's basic pay each period, with additional matching available. Within the context of a long-term plan, Minerva Planning Group can assist in determining whether Roth or tax-deferred contributions are advisable.

The TSP offers an array of investing options, from index fund options to combinations of funds known as Lifecycle funds. The Lifecycle funds are a diversified mix of the five individual funds offering a single investment that is diversified and designed to reflect the participant’s planned retirement date. In choosing a fund, the aim is usually to pick the fund with the date closest to a participant’s planned retirement date.

"The advantage of the Lifecycle funds is the combination of diversification and allocation that reflects a planned retirement date," says Micah Porter of Minerva Planning Group. "Having a well-diversified portfolio with the appropriate amount of risk is a foundational part of a successful retirement."

Minerva Planning Group clients can view the website with the recent updates on any device. The recent changes to the website are designed to meet the criteria established by Google's Core Web Vitals, which took effect in 2021. Core Web Vitals score both site speed and ease of user interaction, and the score can help determine if Minerva Planning Group's website performs well for their clients. According to the latest statistics, over half of the web traffic is viewed on a mobile device so mobile use is key. The new website's focus on these issues is key to ensure a solid experience for all clients.

Minerva Planning Group's mission is to provide their clients financial peace of mind as they pursue their life goals. The offices are located at 315 W. Ponce de Leon, Suite 915, in Decatur, Georgia. For more information, go to Financial Advisor: Atlanta, Decatur, St. Simons | Minerva Planning Group


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