Minerva Planning Group Announces Latest Cost of Living Adjustments

Minerva Planning Group is taking the recent announcement from the federal government concerning the cost of living adjustment and advising their clients on how to best plan for their retirement.

Founded in 1987, Minerva Planning Group assists people with comprehensive financial planning. They work with families and individuals but have a unique understanding of federal government employee benefits. The Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) basic benefit is set to receive another Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) soon. Minerva Planning Group works with employees from numerous agencies and thoroughly understands retirement options and how these changes could affect current and former government individuals.

Most current federal and postal workers are under the FERS system. The previous retirement system for federal employees CSRS, the Civil Service Retirement System, is vastly different from FERS. Minerva Planning Group has over 30 years of experience and specific knowledge of the FERS system after working with federal government employees from numerous agencies. Their expertise includes pensions, Thrift Savings Plan Options, FEGLI and other insurance, and early retirement.

Millions of federal and military retirees saw both their pensions and Social Security benefits increase by a 1.3% cost of living adjustment in January. According to Minerva Planning Group the next COLA could be a good deal higher, and this increase will have a clear financial impact.

Minerva Planning Group sees this as good news for employees and retirees. "It's important to understand what these changes may mean for you," says Micah Porter of Minerva Planning Group. "If you already have a retirement plan in place, you’ll be clear on a number of key details, including the amount of your FERS pension and whether or not you’re eligible for Social Security benefits, and the FERS supplement. Minerva can help you bring together all relevant details so you have a clear understanding of how you’ll fund your retirement."

Minerva Planning Group's mission is to provide their clients financial peace of mind as they pursue their life goals. The offices are located at 315 W. Ponce de Leon, Suite 915, in Decatur, Georgia. For more information, go to Financial Advisor: Atlanta, Decatur, St. Simons | Minerva Planning Group.


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