Mindmachines.com Restocks RoshiWave pROSHI Neuroodynamic Activator Emulation Device

Mindmachines.com has restocked the popular RoshiWave pROSHI Neuroodynamic Activator Emulation Device and is currently accepting orders for immediate shipment. Roshiwave is a self-meditation device that delivers the perfect rendition of the entire catalog of classic ROSHI protocols in one, small easy to use device.

roshiwave proshi meditation machine
"It is so exciting to finally be able to own a ROSHI protocol device. It is even more wonderful that the RoshiWave contains all three of the pROSHI models inside," says a mindmachines.com customer.

The RoshiWave uses a propriatary algorithmic "Error-Correction System for the Brain" which normalizes brain waves as opposed to standard entrainment. RoshiWave does this through the process of ‘Dynamic Neuro-Activation,’ through which RoshiWave dis-entrains abnormal brainwave frequencies in the brain and quiets the mind. The Roshiwave device contains all three original ROSHI disentrainment protocols including pROSHI BB, pROSHI II, pROSHI II+ and pROSHI II+ 3D.

Mindmachines is an online distributor of brain machines, brainwave entrainment technology, AVS stimulation devices, EEG neurofeedback equipment, mind machines and meditation machines. Mindmachines.com is also the worldwide distributor of the RoshiWave self meditation device. For more information about the RoshiWave, visit their website at mindmachines.com. The RoshiWave self meditation machine is currently available at the mindmachines.com website.


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