Milton Auto Recycling Company Highlights Catalytic Converter Legislation

Milton, FLA. - The bipartisan and unanimous measure by Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana) to extend the Vehicle Dismantling Strike Team for three years passed the Assembly Transportation Committee by a vote of 14-0 by unanimous consent. During the event, the Senator also introduced amendments that addressed a massive spike in catalytic converter thefts in California.

According to the Milton auto recycling company, the results of illegal auto dismantling on the environment and public health in inner cities led to urgent action by the Legislature in 2016, which resulted in AB 1858 (Santiago). A thriving underground economy of unlicensed and unregulated auto dismantlers processes about 40% of all end-of-life vehicles. 

“Unlicensed auto dismantling is an environmental justice, economic, and public health issue,” said Senator Umberg. “SB 366 adds on to the important work of my colleague, Assemblymember Santiago, and addresses some newer issues that have arisen pertaining to catalytic converter theft. We owe it to our communities to be more responsible, as a state, in terms of regulation of these illegal activities.”

Sales taxes and fees on unlicensed auto dismantlers amount to over $100 million. Moreover, unlicensed auto dismantlers are responsible for 2 million in unaccounted tires, along with an additional 2 million gallons of hazardous fluids, and materials that require special handlings, such as lead-acid batteries, catalytic converters, lithium-ion batteries, mercury switches, coolant, and freon.

The increase in catalytic converter thefts is largely due to unlicensed auto dismantlers. As a precious metal holder and a quick-profit scrap metal target, thieves target vehicle exhaust emission control devices.

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