Milestone College Opens Preview Day for Potential Students

Keller, Texas -

Milestone College, a ministry-based learning institution based in a working combination of Milestone Church and Oral Roberts University, has set the date for their next Preview Day for Wednesday, March 23rd, 2021. Each Preview Day is a chance for prospective students and their families to get a feel for what it is like to be a student at Milestone College.

Potential Milestone College students and families will have the opportunity to see the classrooms and get a sneak peek at one of the classes, as well as learn more about how the partnership between Milestone Church and ORU will affect applications and education. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided for those who attend.

Milestone College will receive hundreds of hands-on hours of experience, learning on-the-job ministry application alongside their academic courses. Milestone College also offers career counseling, personal coaching, and academic assistance to all of its students to give each graduate has opportunity and understanding of where they want to go with their degree. The College offers 5 areas of study: Worship, Growth Track, Youth, Creative, and Missions and Events.

Milestone College typically has students that are incoming freshmen with less than 15 college credits, but certainly welcomes other students. Other students include students that already have AP or dual credits and college transfers.

Milestone College prepares students for more than just a career path. Milestone College fully believes that excellent education, paired with real-life ministry application, is the best way to develop the next generation of ministry leaders.

Students are immersed in the culture of Milestone Church to live a life of influence, and preparation is essential.

During students' time at Milestone College, they not only gain practical ministry experience at Milestone Church, but they also have the opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University. Milestone College seeks to be affordable. The average four-year private university costs more per year than what students will pay over four years - the ORU tuition at our instructional site is less than $10k annually.

Milestone College seeks to deliver personalization and the development of each student. Students have the opportunity for career counseling, personal coaching, and academic assistance.

​Milestone College is a Milestone Church ministry. In a collaborative relationship with Milestone Church, Oral Roberts University hosts an instructional site on the church campus that provides students with affordable, regionally certified degree programs. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), one of the nation's major accrediting bodies, has granted ORU accreditation. Along with a significant ministry practicum, leadership focus, and lifestyle expectations, the academic load at Milestone College is rigorous. One of Milestone Church’s core values is development; therefore, the organization believes in all students being lifelong learners.

Key Enrollment Dates for Students Include:

July 1, 2022: Late Decision Deadline for Milestone College Application

August 2022: Orientation for 2022 Cohort and Start of Class

Milestone College has classes on the campus of Milestone Church as well as online and accepts students ranging from incoming freshmen and transfers from other universities. The application is open year-round, though students must complete forms for both ORU and Milestone College to complete the application process.


For more information about Milestone College, contact the company here:

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