Milestone Church McKinney Campus Introduces New 8-Week Message Series Miracles

McKinney, Texas -

Milestone Church's McKinney Campus is poised to launch its brand new 8-week message series titled, "Miracles." Attendees are set to be guided on an enlightening spiritual pilgrimage, exploring the monumental miracles of Jesus and the profound significance they bear in today's world.

Steered by the seasoned leadership of Pastor Jeff Little, "Miracles" extends beyond mere teachings. It offers a comprehensive spiritual journey intertwining in-person and online sermons, a pivotal resource book, and the special chance to engage in vibrant Small Group discussions.

Deciphering the Marvels of Jesus's Miracles: Many believers have paused to reflect upon God's manifest presence in their everyday existence and His astounding acts. Jesus's unparalleled miracles, from bestowing vision to the blind, assisting the impaired to walk, silencing tempestuous seas to the miraculous feast for thousands, are mysteries waiting to be unraveled. The "Miracles" series seeks to unveil God's intrinsic message embedded in these divine wonders.

The McKinney Campus set the stage for this spiritual journey with two cornerstone sessions that took place the weekends of August 19-20 and August 26-27. Anchoring the series, Small Groups are scheduled to launch on September 9-10, facilitating immersive discussions.

Miracles: An Illuminating Companion: In line with the series, Pastor Jeff Little unveils his insightful book, "Miracles." More than a complementary guide, this book beckons readers to delve deep into the ethereal realm of Jesus's miracles in his time on earth. Copies are available during weekend services, on weekdays at the Keller or McKinney campus, or via online orders. An anticipated E-Book version will also soon be available for download.

Small Groups: Where Spiritual Bonds Are Forged: Realizing the profound impact of spiritual engagements in community with other believers, Milestone Church's McKinney Campus fervently suggests that all attendees be part of a Small Group. These nurturing groups offer a sanctuary for reflection and shared insights on Jesus's teachings, weaving a tapestry of deeper connections among participants. With flexible onsite and online ways to participate, every attendee is ensured an experience that works with their busy schedules.

To magnify this spiritual venture, Pastor Jeff has curated an exclusive series of weekly videos, chronicling his visits to the places of Jesus's miracles. These visuals of historically and spiritually significant locations, in harmony with the book's chapters, offer an unparalleled understanding of the biblical teachings.

Prospective Small Group leaders can check out the well-structured 'Leader Guide', complete with discussions cues, prayers, and facilitation tips to ensure a rewarding experience for every member.

Embrace the Series: In-Person or Digitally: In the era of connectivity, Milestone Church's McKinney Campus is pleased to offer multiple ways to participate in the series. Whether one chooses the in-person experience at the campus or the comfort of their home, the series, Small Group meetings, and all resources are at everyone's fingertips.

Small Groups will begin their sessions the week of September 9th. Specifics and detailed scheduling will be relayed by group leaders to guarantee a seamless spiritual journey for all.

Commence This Miraculous Expedition with Us: For those eager to navigate the miraculous stories of Jesus, engage with the McKinney community in this 8-week deep dive and witness the divine interplay in our everyday lives. To get started, pick a small group, purchase the book, or check out more resources, visit Any questions regarding Small Groups can be sent to


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