Mighty Dog Roofing Franchise Launches New Drone Roofing Inspections to North Atlanta - Immediate Availability for Roof and Home Inspections

Alpharetta, Georgia -

North Atlanta, GA: National franchise Mighty Dog Roofing just announced a new program to make roof inspections quicker, safer, and more cost effective. This is the company's most recent move in their mission to take over the roofing sector nationwide.

Traditional roof inspections consist of a roofing contractor physically going on to the roof of a property and walking around, taking pictures and notes of any problem areas. This process is time consuming, dangerous, and can be expensive if there are issues with accessibility.

Mighty Dog Roofing North Atlanta

The new drone system will allow for a Mighty Dog certified technician to fly a camera equipped drone over the property, getting a full 360-degree view of the roof and property. This will be done quickly, safely, and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional inspection.

This important development follows in the wake of several new features in the North Atlanta roofing company. Mighty Dog Roofing is committed to customer service, offering several unique programs to help homeowners and businesses. In addition to the new drone system, they also offer the Mighty Dog Customer Vault. This is a data vault the company uses to store important customer information, such as maintenance records, inspection footage, pictures, warranties, communication, and insurance information. This service allows customers to leave the record-keeping to the professionals and not worry about proving they've been responsible homeowners when it's time to file a claim.

Another notable feature Mighty Dog offers is Computer Generated Images for Roofing Previews. This system takes the guesswork out of what the new roof will look like. Customers can choose from a variety of shingles, colors, and styles to get a realistic idea of what their new roof will look like when complete.

The key factors that make this enterprise stand out are the commitment to innovative technology paired with tried-and-true methods. This implies easy resolution of most insurance claims, better preparation for storms and other weather hazards, as well as guaranteed service in an emergency.

This new program is in part thanks to market trends. In recent years, Americans are investing more money into their homes, businesses, and commercial buildings than ever before, and North Atlanta property owners are no exception. This efficient technology now available means Mighty Dog Roofing of North Atlanta is ready to meet these demands at a reasonable cost without long waiting periods, which is good news for real estate investors, homeowners, and flippers alike.

For over 25 years, Mighty Dog Roofing has educated and certified specialists in roof repair and replacement as well as other home renovation skills, however the company doesn’t rely on its good name alone. Every successful Mighty Dog project gets a paw stamp of approval that it meets or exceeds its clients' elevated expectations from the start.

This stamp of approval comes with a craftsmanship warranty after the work is completed to provide clients with peace of mind that the structure will last. The guarantee includes a yearly maintenance checkup performed by Mighty Watchdog, which assures a healthy roof for years to come.

For more information or to schedule an inspection, please visit www.mightyroofing.com/north-atlanta


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