Midway Pest Squirrel Control Combines Humane Removal with Attic Nesting Prevention Steps

Midway Pest Management has educated its workers and trained hard to establish a reputation for being very good at Squirrel Control. Much of this stems from the fact that they are not only very efficient when it comes to humane removal of these critters but they also do a great job taking steps to keep them from getting back into an attic and nesting again. It’s just one of the many different pest control services that this reputable Overland Park, Kansas-based pest control company offers.

The company’s co-owner, Luis Gonzalez, says, “Most people look at squirrels as cute and cuddly but they are anything but when they get into your attic. They can cause a wide range of problems very quickly. That’s why you want to call us at the very first sign you have these critters trying to share your attic with you. If you don’t, they produce 3-4 offspring every 45 days, and then you will have a much bigger problem on your hands.”

Squirrel control

He went on to say that the vast majority of squirrel problems in the Overland Park and Greater Kansas City areas are caused by the Eastern Gray Squirrel. They typically grow to around 20 inches long and weigh approximately 11/2 to 2 pounds. He cautioned not to be fooled by their diminutive size because these squirrels can wreak havoc in attics and other areas of a home. Some of the more typical types of damage that they cause include chewing on wires, removing insulation to be used as nesting material, and causing roof damage to make convenient entry and exit points into an attic. They also gnaw wood, contaminate HVAC ventilation systems, and can cause roof leaks too. The company co-owner mentioned that there are other big problem squirrels create by the urine and feces that they drop. This can do such things as spread diseases, attract swarms of insects, cause foul odors, and rot and stain attic structures and contents. He says with their fast and efficient humane squirrel removal and reinfestation prevention steps, the homeowner will have no more squirrel worries for a very long time.

Midway Pest Management’s squirrel removal services are also rated highly on reviews left by those that have called the company and asked for help. The following 5-star reviews were taken from the company’s GMB Listing where they have an impressive 5 out of 5-star average rating on over 100 reviews. Paul Kopecky wrote, “This is a very reputable company. They are amazing in every way! They are very professional and extremely friendly! They are also incredible at what they do and have a passion for helping people have peace of mind! They helped me get rid of bats, squirrels, and ants!” Erika Edson stated, “I'm very happy with my experience with Midway. Luis was professional and knowledgeable. He was challenged by a very persistent squirrel that had taken up residence in my attic. But he fought the good fight and successfully evicted my pesky tenant. I will call again if I ever have a need and I will recommend them to my friends and neighbors.”


The company offers many other pest control services besides just squirrel removal. Other animals that they are excellent at removing humanely include raccoons, bats, birds, skunks, and rodents such as mice and rats. As with their squirrel removal services, Gonzalez stated they know how to prevent these animals from coming back into a home too. They will even go to someone’s home or business and remove a dead animal for them. He says they are also very good at controlling and getting rid of such insects as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, termites, wasps, fleas, and more. Midway Pest Management offers both commercial and residential pest control services and many of these services come with guarantees or free additional treatments if they do not work the first time. More information on this company’s reputable squirrel removal and other pest control services can be found on their website or their Facebook Page.


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