Midway Pest Management: How Effective Ant Control Works

Overland Park, Kansas based Midway Pest Management is taking steps to educate their community about ants, the damage they can cause and how effective pest control strategies can resolve this issue. Having worked in the industry for several years, the company considers it vital for homeowners to be aware of all the potential risks associated with the pests that may invade their properties.

"Ant infestations are the most common out of all types of pest as well as one of the most invasive,” says Luis Gonzalez of Midway Pest Management. “While almost everyone encounters an ant infestation in their house at some point in their lives, most tend to find themselves at a loss on what to do to get rid of these pests.” According to Gonzalez, this is because most people do not know what it takes to control and remove ant infestations. This also means that they do not know how to determine which pest control providers would offer them a satisfactory service. Fortunately, Gonzalez has some advice for homeowners in this regard as well.

Midway Pest Ant Control

"When looking for pest control professionals in Overland Park, you want to focus on experienced companies with a good reputation. They should also have a history of success to back up their claims," Gonzalez says. He adds, "You'll want to select a service that is right for you and your family, home and so on. You are most likely to get the results you want if you find a company that is willing to work with you to achieve these goals. This is what we do at Midway Pest Management, as our comprehensive programs can target ant colonies to stop these pests for good."

Gonzalez states that while most people tend to lean towards homemade solutions, this is more often than not a mistake as it does not address the problem at its source. He advises against using DIY solutions since they do not target the queen of the colony (which would normally be the first step in removing the pests, crushing the entire colony without any possibility of it being built back up). As they explain in their GMB posts, homemade solutions often only work to keep the ants away from the property for a limited period.

This approach is not good. According to Gonzalez, it can be as ineffective as trying to step on each individual ant that enters the property, He explains, "Do-It-Yourself ant control can seem like an endless battle. Often, when ants enter a structure, the first instinct is to step or crush visible ants in hopes they will stop coming in. Most ants come from the outside and must be eliminated by targeting the entire colony — and not only one individual or branch of the colony."

Finding the colony and identifying the type of ant behind the infestation is among the first steps that any pest control professional will take. The company explains that ants typically built nests in lawns, under decorative stores around buildings, under landscaping logs, adjacent to foundation walls, on decaying wood and even inside the cavities of walls. While there are 450 species of ants living in North America, less than 50 species have been known to invade homes or buildings.

The most common species of ants found to invade homes and structures in Kansas City are Black Ants, Carpenter Ants and Pharaoh Ants. Professional pest control technicians can easily identify the species and apply the appropriate treatments to eliminate the colony successfully on the first attempt.

As one of the most reputable pest control specialists in Kansas, Midway Pest Management can take care of each customer’s needs and eradicate all pests invading their house with ease. The local company has served the community for many years, earning the favor of Overland Park residents and distinguishing themselves as a reliable, trustworthy provider. They are one of the best-rated companies in the area, with an outstanding rating of 5-Star rating on their Google page alone (where they have received over 100 customer reviews from satisfied customers).

The company's website offers more details on Midway Pest Management and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Luis Gonzalez to follow up on any further inquiries. Similarly, customers may look up their GMB location for directions to their office in Overland Park.


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