Michigan DUI Attorney Paul Tafelski Explains Michigan Drunk Driving Limits

Michigan DUI attorney Paul Tafelski releases a new article https://www.michigandefenselaw.com/mi-owi-dui-lawyer/ explaining drunk driving in Michigan. The lawyer mentions what a Michigan DUI charge is, driving limits, and the possible punishments for someone convicted of a DUI offense.

According to the Michigan DUI attorney, “In the state of Michigan, drunk driving is taken very seriously, and those who are convicted may suffer significant penalties, including fines, the loss of their driving privileges, and even jail time. In the state of Michigan, DUI is properly known as OWI, however, many people still use DUI in everyday language.”

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The lawyer adds that while someone may be allowed to operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol, the amount that they may be able to legally consume is highly restricted. Drunk driving laws have also become more aggressive, according to the DUI attorney. There are cases where police stops may target people unfairly.

In the article, attorney Tafelski also discusses the legal limit of blood alcohol content or BAC. In Michigan, the limit for BAC is 0.08% for drivers that are aged 21 or over. Having a BAC of over 0.08% can be charged with OWI. A BAC of over 0.17% has more serious punishments. There is also zero tolerance for someone under the age of 21 who is caught driving with a BAC of 0.02%.

The lawyer mentions that a conviction of any drunk driving charge will result in a combination of fines, points against driving records, and even jail time.

Aside from the aforementioned, the lawyer also discusses that each person is different and so alcohol content in the body may be different for each person. The following factors could affect how alcohol is metabolized: age, weight, body type, medications, food consumed, speed of consumption, and alcohol tolerance.

The lawyer adds that the only sure way to not get arrested for drunk driving is to not drink and drive. He also says that if someone is stopped by a law enforcement officer and suspects them of being intoxicated, they have the right to refuse a preliminary breath test or PBT, as that can be used as evidence.

Lastly, attorney Paul Tafelski emphasizes that it is important for someone who is being charged with a DUI case to seek the help of an experienced DUI attorney. Having a skilled attorney may be able to help the defendant understand where he is standing in the case and what his next steps may be.

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