Miami Car Accident Lawyer David H. Charlip Explains The Role of an Accident Attorney in a Florida Car Accident

Miami car accident lawyer David H. Charlip releases a new article ( explaining the role of an accident attorney in a Florida car accident. The lawyer mentions that an attorney is important when a person is filing a car accident claim. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the victim receive compensation for their injuries.

“Experience and expertise matter when managing and prosecuting auto accident claims. Whether it is an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim or a claim against the at-fault driver, an insurance claim essentially involves an evaluation by the insurance adjuster of the claim’s value. Claims brought by board-certified trial lawyers who prosecute each claim individually are adjusted differently than claims brought by mass-market advertising law firms warehousing car accident cases,” says the Miami car accident lawyer.

Miami car accident lawyer

The lawyer says that in 2020, Florida had 300,750 reported motor vehicle accidents, half of which reported personal injuries. There were also 2,809 people who died in car accidents. The accidents decreased slightly between 2020 and 2019, but there is no consistent trend. Florida is also home to four of the five most dangerous highways in America.

Attorney David H. Charlip says that in order for a victim to be eligible for compensation, victims of car accidents must be able to prove that the driver caused the accident because they were negligent. The victim may be able to recover compensation for their injuries if they are able to prove that the driver was being reckless when the accident happened.

In the article, attorney Charlip adds that Florida has strict limits on all types of lawsuits. The time it takes for injury victims to file a lawsuit or personal injury claim in court will depend on who is responsible and the identity of the negligent party. Failure to act within the specified timeframes can result in injury victims being barred from receiving compensation.

According to the injury lawyer, “Florida's statutes are different for car accidents between people or vehicles owned or operated locally, state- or county-owned or employees. Other limitations that Florida law places on time may apply to different types of claims. The statute of limitations for motor vehicle accident claims based on an automobile manufacturing defect or design defect is different from a car accident with a negligent driver.”

Lastly, the personal injury attorney emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when it comes to matters such as filing an injury claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer may be able to help the victim receive the compensation they deserve.

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