Method Seven Offers High Quality Pilot Sunglasses

Santa Cruz, CA-based Method Seven is pleased to announce that they provide quality pilot sunglasses for discerning customers. Method Seven’s scientifically researched and developed aviator sunglasses are also available for progressive, bifocal, and single vision prescriptions. These glasses feature top-notch filters that enhance contrast, allowing pilots to see cloud formations and read flight instruments. The glasses have 13 proprietary coatings that remove glare, improve clarity, and balance color. The hand-tooled Japanese titanium frames are compatible with headsets and oxygen masks. The pilot glasses are also designed to block UV and infrared heat energy, keeping eyes cool and focused during long flights.

As noted on their website, Method Seven glasses are offered with different levels of visible light transmission (or VLT). Glasses with a higher VLT have a lighter lens tint and allow more light to pass through to the eye. Glasses with a lower VLT have a darker lens tint and block more light. Lenses with 24-30% VLT are the lightest options and ideal for pilots in darker cockpits who need more light. 18% VLT is the medium option, great for pilots in general or mixed conditions. Lenses with 9% VLT are the darkest option and best for those who chase the sun or are flying in exposed cockpits.

In general, Method Seven offers three main categories of pilot sunglasses: SKY series, FLT series, and Bifocal/RX series. Each series has different characteristics suited to different pilot needs and preferences. Method Seven welcomes inquiries from anyone who wishes to learn more about their prescription aviator sunglasses.

Method Seven is made up of scientists, engineers and problem-solvers who work together to unlock the potential of human vision through the mastery of the spectrum of visible light. The company designs specialty eyewear for people in extreme visual situations, such as growers exposed to high-wattage lights and pilots who travel at mach speed. Method Seven combines the best of German, Italian, and Japanese engineering, with American ingenuity. Their eyewear solutions are designed not only to help people see more clearly, but also to help them look better. Method Seven continues to push, question, and explore in an effort to craft better frames and lenses. The company’s motto is ‘Vision Above All.’

So far, Method Seven’s products have received glowing reviews. Nathan Stenvel says in a 5-Star review of the Ascent SKY9 Pilot Sunglasses, “The glasses are absolutely fantastic! I ordered the darkest available lenses, and I could not be happier with the performance. I will be ordering the same set in the other two available tints to accommodate different flying conditions. The product arrived on time and in very good care. Upon opening, I found a very tastefully handwritten Thank You card. Oh, let’s not forget the smokin' deal I got for Veterans Day! Thank you for the love and support. Fantastic company, fantastic product.”

Meanwhile, Dave Shallbetter says in a 5-Star review of the Ascent RX Aviation Sunglasses, “I've been waiting to review my RX Ascent Aviators until I had time to give an honest informed opinion. The day I received them, I took them by my eye doctor for his opinion. He was impressed with the quality of the frames & lenses. Having just returned from a 6-day trip, I can swear beyond a doubt: I love Ascent Aviators! For years, I've favored smaller frames and lenses for my RX glasses. My Aviators have changed that! Just drove about 1800 miles and did not once get the ‘tired eyes’ feeling I usually experience after a day behind the wheel. I am also impressed by how light they are and feel when worn. If you're considering buying a pair, don’t wait!”

Those looking for the best sunglasses for pilots are encouraged to check out Method Seven’s website for more details, as well as contact the company directly via phone or email.


For more information about Method Seven, contact the company here:

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