Method Seven Announces the Arrival of a New Limited-Edition Run of Specialty Grow Room Glasses in February

Method Seven has just announced that the release date of their all-new limited-edition run of specialty grow room glasses is set for February 12th of this year. These glasses, the Agent 939 FX Terp Diamonds, are just one of many different specialty types of glasses designed to meet the specific vision needs of those working in grow rooms with high-intensity lights. The company stated that although their products are specifically designed for growers and pilots, their sunglasses can be worn by anyone that wants to see better under intense light conditions.

The CEO of Method Seven, James Cox, says, “We are so excited about the upcoming release of our Agent 939 FX Terp Diamonds glasses. It’s a vision-related product that we know those who work in grow rooms will love. What makes these new grow room glasses even more special is that we’re only making 200 pairs of them. We will be very surprised if this run of new grow room glasses does not sell out very quickly.”

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Cox went on to talk about what makes these new glasses so special. Just like Method Seven’s pilot glasses, the Agent 939 FX Terp Diamons are a collaborative effort of scientists, engineers, and problem-solvers. Made with clarity, comfort, and safety at the forefront, these glasses will allow the wearer to handle the rigors of working in some of the world’s most extreme visual situations. Cox says that the quality of these new grow room glasses starts with the frame. The unique pattern mirrors that which is produced by Terp Diamonds extract. Terp Diamonds, or Diamond Sauce, as it’s sometimes referred to, is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand concentrates on the market. In order to offer complete eye protection, the frames on these grow room glasses are also designed to offer full-wrap coverage. Crafted from TR90 thermoplastic, the frames on these glasses are extremely durable and flexible.

The lenses on these glasses are nothing short of an engineering marvel. According to Cox, it took many hours working with skilled ophthalmologists, optical physicists, an electrical engineer, and those at the renowned Carl Zeiss Laboratories to get them just right. He says that another aspect that makes these glasses so special is their ability to offer ‘overkill protection’ to a wearer that’s working under extreme light conditions. In layman’s terms, that means that these lenses allow high amounts of beneficial light to get to the wearer’s eyes in the safest possible manner. These shatterproof FX lenses are specially designed to protect eyes under the full spectrum lights of ceramic metal halide (CMH), light emitting ceramic (LEC) and full spectrum LED lights used in grow rooms. The lenses help keep the wearer’s eyes moist, cool, and relaxed.

An expanded list of features on this product can be found on the company website, in addition to a YouTube video that highlights the FX lens, which is specially made for full spectrum grow lights. A schematic shows the exact dimensions of the frame. However, Cox cautions that these limited-edition glasses are not made for grow rooms that use 6,500°K - 10,000°K metal halide lamps or blurple (blue+purple) and magenta spectrum LED lights.

Those who are interested in learning more about Method Seven’s soon-to-be-released limited-edition eye protection for indoor grow rooms can call them or fill out the form that’s found on the ‘contact us’ page of their website. Cox mentioned that they also encourage people to join their online community so they can be first to learn about upcoming products and become eligible for the many special privileges that go along with membership.


For more information about Method Seven, contact the company here:

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