Mental Health Care Provider Provides Data Driven Service

Mental Health Technologies (MHT), an Aurora, IL based mental health assessment software provider, would like to talk about the data driven mental health care services their team offers. Mental Health Technologies provides a number of solutions that can help doctors and clinics treat mental health issues that some other, more commonly administered treatments are less suitable for. By using data driven diagnostic programs, the mental health center develops solutions for a wide range of issues and treats each patient like an individual with unique needs. Mental Health Technologies’ website can be found here:

“Technology has already simplified healthcare broadly,” the company says. “However, technology is yet to penetrate mental healthcare to the same degree as other fields, leaving untapped potential for a myriad of healthcare professionals. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five adults in the U.S has a mental illness in any given year. Clearly, there is a need for technological innovation, both from a customer experience perspective as well as from a clinical and analytical perspective. Mental health applications, which are focused on conditions and disorders like depression, suicidality and addiction, enable people to access professional support outside their therapists’ regular office hours.”

Mental Health Technologies is focused on providing efficient technology that makes it possible for health care professionals to provide consistent care to their patients. Using advanced techniques and equipment, the company can help their clients screen patients and gather objective data more effectively — which can absolutely change the way in which mental healthcare is conducted. MHT’s online assessment platform makes it possible for health care professionals to screen and test patients for mental health and substance abuse issues in order to improve their journey to wellness.

Prior to the founding of MHT, there was a void in the patient screening process that required filling: It was very difficult to collect objective data about patients. With the introduction of such highly effective technology and methods, however, health care professionals gained the ability to provide healthcare services to people all over the country. With MHT, diagnosing mental illness has become a much simpler process. Visit Mental Health Technologies’ Facebook page for more information:

“When referencing routine healthcare, an astonishing number of mental illnesses go unnoticed,” says MHT. “60% of previously undetected cases of depression could have been recognized, had the patient been screened. Furthermore, 90% of people who die by suicide had previously shown symptoms of a mental illness. When overall wellness encompasses mental health, why is screening patients for mental disorders not common practice? MHT allows healthcare professionals to have a patient’s psychometric assessment results prior to the clinical encounter. MHT’s automated scoring helps identify potential red flags and assists in initiating a conversation surrounding a patient’s mental health. As patients are seen over the years, their assessment history is graphed over time, showing trends pertaining to their mental health. Screening is also a great way to increase revenue for your practice. Billing for assessments can be done through E&M levels or established CPT codes.”

MHT was founded by Ernie Wallerstein, who has over three decades worth of executive management experience. He previously worked for a well-known software company and now uses his years of experience and skill to constantly pursue the improvement of the MHT platform. The result is a community of extremely pleased users.

Business development manager Bill Leonhard says, “MHT has allowed my customers to better identify patients who would benefit from TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), which ultimately allows those clinics to provide better care for their patients.”

Dr. Ronald Wuest, who is the Chairman of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at Dupage Medical Group, similarly says, “As a Medical Director of a Mental Health Clinic, MHT Reporting provides me with the information I need to assist our clinicians in evaluating better paths to wellness for our patients. The historical views and trending analysis are invaluable to our practice.”

For more information, read the article on MD tech review. Ernie Wallerstein of Mental Health Technologies can be reached for further details as well.


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