Mens Puffer Vest 2022 - Frank And Oak Canada's Sustainable Jackets Coats Updated

Montreal, Quebec -

Designed in Canada but with shipping available worldwide, Frank And Oak is a fashion brand that has become well-known for its dedication to sustainability and innovation. The brand’s recently launched Aero reversible vest is the latest offering that blends eco-friendly manufacturing and materials with wearable cold-weather fashion.

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The newly released apparel is the most recent addition to the company’s line of Smart-Layer clothing, which uses a system of snaps to hold different layers together in the ideal position to maximize both warmth and comfort. The vest is compatible with all of their Smart-Layer top coats and is designed to fit under larger jackets.

Using the Frank And Oak Smart-Layer system, it is possible to prevent layers of winter wear from binding, stretching, or becoming lost in closets, as each layer is securely attached to the layers above and below it. The company has been producing Smart-Layer clothing since 2019, allowing clients to adjust their clothing for different levels of warmth as the seasons change, without sacrificing style or comfort.

Created with sustainability as a priority, the Aero reversible vest is insulated with a water-resistant and animal-free Kapok filling. Kapok is five times lighter than cotton and requires significantly less water to grow.

As previously announced, the shell of the vest is made entirely with recycled materials, nylon, and polyester, and even the zipper is recycled polyester NATULON® zip tape. The nylon fabric is created using recycled textile waste, and the polyester is sourced from discarded plastic materials.

To create a vest that allows wearers to change their style by reversing their clothing, the company has made one side of the shell a quilted fabric, while the other side is smooth. The vest also contains two side seam pockets and one chest pocket on either side.

Frank And Oak is a fashion brand that aims to include sustainability in every part of its process, from the manufacturing of products to the packaging used for shipping and the way the brand designs its storefronts. Frank And Oak creates a wide variety of clothing that uses recycled plastics and vegan, sustainable materials.

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