Men's Addiction Recovery Home Program in Asheville, North Carolina has Long-Lasting Sobriety Success

NSR of Asheville is dedicated to its core principle that, "Extended Care Recovery," is the key to successful and long-lasting substance dependency recovery for men. They are a sober living environment for men that has a proven track record of success that fully supports this principle. Their beautiful location also makes for a setting that invigorates and inspires men that are committed to beating their substance dependency. The website for this reputable Extended Care & Sober Living facility for men can be seen here at

Susan Stader, a spokesperson for the recovery facility says, “NSR of Asheville offers one of the best men's addiction recovery homes in America. We are located among the peaceful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. This provides a recovery housing setting that is not only serene and full of beauty, but is also the perfect area for our wrap-around services which we like to call, ‘Extended Care Programs.’ These programs give our residents more support than traditional sober living homes can offer. We feel it’s because of these Extended Care Recovery Programs that those who come to stay with us for substance dependency recovery have the best chance to successfully transition back into a healthy lifestyle while minimizing the chance of relapse.”

The Best Men

The company spokesperson added that for those that have never been to the Asheville area of North Carolina, it’s a magical place that’s perfect for recovering from the negative impact of alcohol and other substance dependencies. It’s a mountainous, tree-lined area that’s not overpopulated at all. It’s filled with hiking trails and roads that will take people around clear mountain streams and rivers while at the same time offer breathtaking views. She says even just taking in the fresh air in the area is very therapeutic in itself. These are the reasons why those that founded this recovery center chose the Asheville location. Stader says that it really makes the perfect setting to help refresh and inspire those on the road to substance dependency recovery. She added that many photos of their Asheville facility and the surrounding area can be seen here at Those who refer to this webpage can even take a virtual tour of what the homes at their facility look like.

Stader went on to add that this energizing backdrop also holds the key to what they want to accomplish with their, ‘Extended Care Recovery Programs." They fully realize that it takes more than just providing someone with sober living housing to produce long term recovery success. She stated that this is why they have put so much time and effort into coming up with an Extended Care Model specifically designed for Men that really works. They also believe this model works because it's enhanced by their excellent staff which consists of healthcare professionals, peer support specialists, and case workers. The company spokesperson also added that each of the programs and services that they offer can also be customized to meet individual needs. Some of the extended care programs that their patients have access to includes learning 12-step therapy, a variety of outdoor adventure programs, job skills training, life skills learning, accessibility to intensive outpatient therapy, and even transportation.

Those who have attended this popular substance dependence recovery facility have had nothing but good things to say about the treatment and support they have received there. In his 5-star review, Kai L., wrote, “Phenomenal treatment facility. Everyone from caseworkers, drivers, therapists to the owners are genuine, sincere, and knowledgeable about recovery. They truly care about everyone attending treatment here. Great balance between the intimate group sessions and activities like hiking. If you like the outdoors, NSR of Asheville is where it’s at! If you or a loved one is seeking a brand-new fulfilled life, I highly suggest NSR of Asheville.” This review is just one of 45 glowing reviews that have been left about these advanced recovery treatment homes on their Google Maps Listing.

Stader also says, “Our successful Extended Care Recovery Model combined with the peaceful atmosphere in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC, has been proven to lead to overall well-being. We encourage those that want long-lasting change for the better to reach out to us so we can show them what a recovery program like ours can truly do for them.” More information on NSR of Asheville’s Extended Care Recovery Programs can be seen here at


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