Shares Useful Advice On Living With An STD, widely known as a popular herpes dating website, is pleased to offer useful pieces of advice to people living with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). The platform believes it is their duty to help members and other positive individuals make the most of their condition. is aware that individuals with STDs are in need of constant support, reassurance and advice. In fact, a recent study showed that most STD-positive Americans do not know how to react properly to the discrimination they face. Most give in to the assumption that, since they have such a condition, they are ‘dirty’ and ‘disgusting,’ as others would have them believe. Much worse, they are constantly embarrassed by the widespread stigma that others should stay away from them because being exposed to them may cause other people to get infected as well.

In response, feels the need to put an end to this flawed perspective. Through sexual education, they wish to inform the public that such conditions do not harmfully affect the way people with STDs socialize. They might still need to keep a distance in certain ways due to the fact that they do not show symptoms, but that should not hinder them from making friends with other people. In addition, sexual education empowers the STD community to learn more about their condition.

As such, is committed to helping those with STDs to effectively communicate with other people outside their social circle. While freely using private text messages, calls and video chat features on their website for instance, users also get tips on how to make deeper connections with their friends and partners.

One of the most important pieces of advice from the dating company explores how people can inform their partner they have an STD. Before making this confession, those who suspect they might have an STD must make sure that they go through the proper tests and receive their medical report. Knowing so makes them aware of not just the symptoms and effects of their illness but also the treatment needed and how their loved ones can help them in managing the disease. Fortunately, the website is also rich with resources for herpes, hepatitis and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) as well as success dating stories from people wh have learned to come to grips with their condition. Learn more here: How To Tell Your Partner You Have An STD.

As soon as they feel that they are close enough to their partners, STD-positive individuals may begin by admitting their medical condition. suggests different styles of opening up to new partners, with the most common one being a focus on empathy. Acknowledging the willingness of the other party to help the confessors is already a big step in gaining their trust. In addition, refusing to reveal such important information might cause a major blow in the relationship if the other party finds this out. In fact, it is actually a crime in some places to hide this sensitive information from a partner.

Another way is being straightforward and believing that suspicions should be settled by honestly making the condition known as early as possible. Individuals with STDs may consider going with the flow in the process. It is important to clearly answer questions from one’s partner and avoid forcing them to make sudden decisions as well.

Aside from giving communication tips, always reminds their users to follow the golden rule in treating their partners, especially if they have STDs too. This means that they should acknowledge the conditions of their loved ones and accept them for who they are, just as they want to be respected in the first place. More importantly, they should work together to find ways to cope up with each other’s conditions. has been effective in encouraging people around the world to not be afraid in meeting other fellow members. With their catchphrase “Never have ‘the talk’ again,” the dating platform has obliged their users to spread love as well as social awareness in order to enlighten other people about their struggles.

CEO Jack Lombardi is optimistic that will have a long-lasting impact in the global STD community. He says, “Our end goal is to offer a safe place for positives to learn from one another, and if possible, meet someone who they can enjoy having a healthy relationship while living with an STD.”

Those who are confirmed to have STDs and want to interact with a supportive community may create an account at whenever they wish. Upon registering, members are required to disclose important data and observe proper dating etiquette. Then, they may begin talking with other users via PC or mobile.

Since is expanding their network to other regions, interested users may also enjoy the translations of its web services in Russian, Spanish, French, Dutch and Danish. Furthermore, those interested may follow the platform’s official social media accounts to stay up to date with their important news and announcements.


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