Is One of the HIV Dating Sites Designed to Help Positive Singles Find Their Match has revealed that they offer one of the HIV dating sites that can help positive singles find their match. People with HIV will usually find dating to be difficult. First of all, they are afraid that they might pass on their condition to somebody else. Second, they dread that moment when they have to reveal their condition to a person they have been dating who is uninfected. That is a potentially embarrassing moment because the person they have been dating will likely reject them when they finally reveal their condition.

This particular website offers help to single people who have been diagnosed to have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), such as HIV. This will help them to avoid the potentially embarrassing moment when they finally want to confess to the person they have been dating that they have HIV or some other STD. There is actually a great chance that the other person will reject them or even berate them. The Meet Positives site allows positive singles to meet and date other positive singles, which means that the other person is already aware that the one he or she is dating is HIV or STD positive.

Meet Positives

There are other benefits of joining the Meet Positives community. Jack Lombardi, founder of Meet Positives, says, “HIV positive singles can enjoy a number of benefits when they become members of Meet Positives. One of the biggest benefits is finding a community that will teach you how to live a better life with HIV. The main goal of is to provide a platform for HIV positive singles to find love.”

It is understandable that people who are not HIV positive will not want to date HIV positive singles. But this does not mean that HIV positives may no longer be able to date. The best solution is to join a community of people who have also been diagnosed to be positive for HIV or some other STD. This ensures an HIV positive single that he or she is among people who already understand how it is to be STD or HIV positive. Other positive singles may even share their stories and experiences so that other members of the community may learn from them.

It should be noted that HIV can affect anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, or culture. Also, it may take a long time for HIV to show any symptoms and for it to develop into AIDS. Thus, most people are now aware that they are infected. HIV is transmitted through sexual intercourse and bodily fluids but the symptoms are not immediately apparent upon infection, which means that this person who has recently been infected may infect other people without even knowing it. Thus, it is advisable for people to engage in protected sex if they have multiple partners.

At present there are more than 1.2 million people with HIV in the US and 1 in 8 are unaware they are HIV positive. It appears that gay, bisexual, and men who engage in sex with other men have a higher risk of becoming HIV positive. There is no cure for HIV infection at the present time but some antiretroviral drugs may be able to suppress the symptoms and render the virus inactive, allowing HIV positive people to live a normal life. They just need to comply with the treatment plan and take all of the prescribed medications.

HIV positive singles will find thousands of other HIV positive singles who are members of the Meet Positives community. The goal of this particular community is not just to allow positive singles find a date and find someone to love, but also to optimize their chances of having a long-lasting relationship. As such, free advice and tips are provided to members of the community on how to make their relationships last.

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