Helps Make Herpes Dating Possible has announced that the Meet Positives website helps make herpes dating possible. People who have been diagnosed to have genital herpes usually find it very hard to go on a date because of the fear that their date will reject them, or even humiliate them, when they reveal that they are positive for herpes. The solution is to allow herpes positive people to meet others who are in the same situation to avoid that dreaded moment when they need to reveal their condition to the person they are dating. Since each of them already know about that they have the same condition, such a moment is avoided.

Those who join the Meet Positives herpes community also get the advantage of getting the latest update regarding herpes, vaccination, possible cure, and other treatment alternatives. Members can read herpes drug reviews, side effects of certain drugs, and various herpes treatment success stories. Furthermore, members get to meet other members and learn from them how they were able to cope with their condition and live a life where they feel normal again.

Meet Positives

Many people are not actually aware that herpes is quite common. More than 40 million people have this condition but only few are aware that they have been infected. About one in five people have herpes and genital herpes has actually become the most common sexually transmitted disease in recent years. This means that those who have tested positive for herpes are not alone. There are many others who are in a similar situation and although there is currently no cure for it, those who have it may still be able to live a healthy and happy life. What is important is for a herpes positive individual to find the right community to mingle with. This is the community offered by Meet Positives, where people with similar situations get to meet and help each other, and possibly even develop long lasting relationships.

There are thousands of herpes singles who have joined the Meet Positives community and are sharing their experiences with each other. Members can share their own unique stories and information regarding herpes symptoms and other relevant information that herpes positives can benefit from. Members can share information through individual posts and online discussion forums. For instance, they can share their stories and how they are able to live with their diagnosis. And best of all, they can date other members and possible develop a romantic relationship.

Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus and there are two types of HSV that cause this sexually transmitted disease. Genital herpes is commonly caused by HSV-2. However, there has been a rise in the cases of genital herpes that is caused by HSV-1 due to oral sex. The symptoms include sores or lesions on the genitals, anus, and upper thigh. Some itching and burning sensation may also be felt around the genital area, anus, and upper thigh. Herpes positives may also have painful sores, lesions, and ulcers around the said areas, including blisters. Transmission of the disease may also occur into those cases where there are no apparent symptoms.

Jack Lombardi, founder of Meet Positives, says, “Talking about your condition with uninfected people can be a daunting experience if not frightening. When meeting people who understand you, it becomes easier to share your experience, ultimately allowing you to feel more comfortable. Well, you will feel more confident when you share your experience with like-minded people who will benefit from your story.”

Those who are interested in experienced the above-mentioned benefits of becoming a member of the Meet Positives community will find that it is easy to join. They simply need to create an account and then put it some information about themselves that they are willing to share with other herpes singles. There is nothing to worry about because the Meet Positives website is 100 percent anonymous and secure.

People who are interested in learning more about the Meet Positives community may want to check out the herpes dating website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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