Encourages Singles With Herpes To Start Dating

US based is inviting people with herpes all over the world to start dating again. Crucially, the platform has positioned itself as a safe place for those with herpes and other types of STDs to find each other, learn more about their condition and develop enduring relationships. Read further about the site and their mission here: Dating Site For Herpes.

As anyone with an STD will know, it can be incredibly difficult to form a relationship after a diagnosis because the affected party will inevitably have to discuss their condition with their partner. Given that some people will choose not to continue the relationship after this discussion, usually because they do not fully understand the nature of the condition, those with herpes will often not be motivated to keep pursuing a relationship. According to, however, this need not be a problem anymore.

One of the foremost advantages offered by the platform is that people with herpes will never have to break the news to their partner ever again. All of its members know what it is like to live with an STD and so are looking for people with similar experiences to have a relationship with. Since the STD status of both parties is known from the outset, they can immediately press forward as individuals who are defined by other aspects of their lives and personalities — and no longer by their condition.

The website does acknowledge that many people find it difficult to form a romantic connection even if they do not have to factor in an STD. Fortunately, utilizes a unique matchmaking algorithm that is designed to pair individuals who are most likely to have a bond, thereby increasing their chances of finding love. The platform is committed to giving its members all the tools and exposure they need to find a great partner.

Michael Task of points out, “While its primary function is a dating site for people with herpes and so on, it also functions as a welcoming, understanding community of like-minded people who are all eager to share and learn more about their condition. Many of our members have found out a great deal about living with herpes, for instance, through the people they connected with through A full and fulfilling life is very possible even after a herpes diagnosis, and our members are clear evidence of this.”

Many will rightly be concerned about revealing their STD status on a dating website, but the platform has an answer for this as well. Every piece of information shared on is completely anonymous and secure, and each member has the ability to control how much they want to share at any point. For instance, while they can be matched with another member, neither will know the other’s identity until they individually choose to disclose it. Ideally, this should take place once they have conversed to some degree and are comfortable doing so, but the platform leaves it to their members to decide. Naturally, should they have any concerns on the topic, they are welcome to direct their inquiries to other members for feedback and tips on maintaining their privacy online.

Herpes is an extraordinarily common condition, with 1 in 5 people living with the disease in the US alone. Also known as human papillomavirus (HPV), it is also the most common sexually transmitted infection. urges those who have been recently diagnosed not to give up on their dream of finding love. Thanks to vaccines, medications and so on, HPV is quite manageable, and positive singles can continue to seek romance to their heart’s content. All they have to do is sign up on to get started.

Michael Task and the rest of the team at look forward to serving new members who join the platform today. Further inquiries regarding the website’s functionality, requirements and so on may be directed to the team as well. Dating with herpes has never been easier.


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