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Jack Lombardi, CEO at, says, “ was built for STD positive people to serve as an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive people who live with a sexually transmitted disease. Our goal is to help impacted people feel normal again in a relationship.”

Meet Positives

He adds, “We’re very pleased to have a verified profile on INC magazine, which we hope will allow more people to find out about our unique service. For positive singles, your search for a meaningful relationship while living with an STD has never been easier with our groundbreaking overhaul of the Meet Positives you know and trust.”

With MeetPositives on, they join some of the world’s best small businesses who have become part of the INC Community and want to showcase their product or service to the right people, every day, and in the right place.

It is important to realize that STD infections can affect anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. Meet Positives has the primary purpose of helping positive singles avoid the risk of being rejected and getting embarrassed when they tell their potential mate about their condition. People sign up to become members of the Meet Positives community for the purpose of finding and dating others who are in the same situation and will therefore understand them. Since the community is made of positive singles, everyone knows and understands what it is like to be in their situation, thus, it would be safe for members to find another member who could be interested in dating and possibly form a deeper relationship.

The matching algorithm that is applied by Meet Positives searches for people who are living with the same condition, and matches them based on distance and the different preferences that they have provided in their application for membership. Members would also have the right to search the Meet Positives database of profiles of positive singles who would like the chance to date other positive singles.

Jack Lombardi says, “We have 20+ years of trusted matchmaking under our belts, with a dedicated trust and safety team by your side. That means no bad players, just genuine people looking for real relationships.”

He also would like to point out that since 2019, Meet Positives has been a standalone STD dating site for positive singles. Unlike other STD communities, it does not belong to an affiliate network. Instead, Meet Positives is on its own and is independent from any other network, providing members with the latest and the most unparalleled STD community experience. Members can simply log in and search using their mobile device or their desktop computer from anywhere in the world.

Meet Positives plays a vital role because sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are some of the least talked about epidemics affecting the US and other countries. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are about 20 million new viral infections each year, with the most common STI/STDs in the United States being chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, HIV, syphilis, genital herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV), and trichomoniasis.

At Meet Positives, members are not just provided with the assistance that they need in finding love, but also in making it last for a long time. Thus, they also provide members with tips and advice on how develop a strong relationship that will ultimately lead to happiness.

Those who are interested in possibly joining the Meet Positives community may want to visit their website, or contact them through the phone or via email.


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