Meet The Emondage Magog Tree Service Trying to Keep Magog City Residence Yards Maintained

Emondage Magog offers a high-quality professional tree trimming and tree pruning service in Magog and the surrounding area. Mr. Halle said, "Tree trimming and tree pruning helps homeowners deal with overgrown trees causing damage to the property and looks unappealing at the same time. While the two services sound similar, both have distinct differences."

According to the owner, many homeowners' get contractors to do tree topping, also known as tipping, dehorning, heading, rounding-over, and hat-racking. It involves removing the tops of mature trees. The service helps to keep trees in balance to prevent falling over. Yet, the process only involves the leafy crowns to be removed but can affect the ability of the foliage to get sunlight and nutrition to survive. Tree topping can also shock the tree, making it stressed and susceptible to rot and insects.

The owner went on to say, "In our business line, we have seen many uncertified homeowners and contractors reducing the foliage of trees. They do this to prevent them from tangling up with infrastructures and power lines. However, as trained arborists, we do not recommend this as a solution as it can affect the tree's longevity, reducing its lifespan. Instead, professionals such as Emondage Magog recommend tree trimming and tree pruning compared to tree topping."

The company mentioned tree pruning is trimming of the branches and limbs in such a way to protect the tree. Further, it helps to prevent property problems and leaves the brushwood clear from infrastructure and power lines. The service is done by certified arborists that know what to look for when cutting trees. They prioritize what branches and limbs need removing that might become a hazard as the stems have poor health. The experienced pruner considers different angles using pruning techniques to improve the limbs, making them more symmetrical with equal weight distribution.

Halle mentioned tree pruning can also improve the aesthetics of the tree without chopping parts of the tree off. Further, it helps to remove diseased branches instead of removing diseased limbs for growth done by many uncertified contractors. Another benefit for customers with tree pruning is having a landscaping project to help create shade to relax under. An experienced pruner knows how to shape the tree so that the shadow falls for shade and light with aeration allowing the tree to grow.

The owner mentioned that proper tree pruning helps free up a tangled mess of branches that holds back the wind. So homeowners can comfortably relax under the tree with the branches removed and remain cool with the wind blowing on them. Unfortunately, the business owner went on to say that property owners will find many contractors willing to shear the top of trees without considering the trees health. While the prices presented are low and they provide a quick turnaround time, it may look tempting. Still, the results are only noticeable at a later time.

Property owners, with time, notice the tree has gone into shock and becomes weakened, slowly starting to disintegrate. When trees are butchered with tree topping, they do not recover quickly and become a financial burden. In the end, needing removing. Emondage Magog mentioned that even if the tree survives, the limbs start flying off in harsh weather, causing damage to the property and surroundings. So if landowners are concerned about the lifespan of the trees in the yard wanting them to survive, give Emondage Magog a call.

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