Meet Positives Offers Dating App for Positive Singles, a dating site for herpes singles and other STD positive singles, has announced that they have made available a dating app that will allow people to meet positive singles. Positive singles are single people who have been found to be positive for a certain sexually transmitted disease (STD). This app, which is available through Google Play, will be providing the same services available through the Meet Positives website where positive singles can become a member of the community composed of other positive singles in order to give them a chance to go on a date with another positive single and possibly develop a long-lasting relationship.

Michael Task, a representative for, says, “Online dating has several benefits. The shy dater can open and get to know a person without having to deal with first-date anxieties that commonly originate from concern of the unidentified. By the time she or he fulfills the potential admirer, they have actually already developed a convenience level that enables the date to move far more smoothly. Meet Positives Singles is an online dating site platform that aims positive singles to get back into dating and find a great partner that can understand their conditions. The main reason why Meet Positives exists is to provide a platform where you can meet people living with the same infection as you.”

It is important to note that as the online dating community has grown, so has the variety of suppliers of services to help a person advertise oneself. They include specialist writers and even photographers who provide help to people enhance their dating profile. Meanwhile, dating sites also vary and oftentimes highlight their unique features, such as ability to upload picture or video clip and even free exclusive e-mail accounts. It is always a good idea to exercise care when choosing a dating website. For one, anyone with Internet access can also gain access to such websites. It is practically impossible for the website to weed out the negatives. Thus, it is advisable for the online dater to be extra careful when establishing days with people are actually strangers. When meeting face-to-face for the first time, this should be done in a public place. And it is not a good idea to reveal too much about oneself until such time that one has made a proper judgment of the other person’s character.

A key advantage of the Meet Positives app is that it will allow positive singles to date again without dreading that point in time where they need to reveal their health status. Many positive singles have come to fear this for good reason because if they happen to be dating a person who is not positive, they will likely be shocked and alarmed with the idea that they have been dating a person with STD. Most people are unaware of how prevalent STD is in the country and most will not have an open mind about such things.

For individuals who are STD positive, they can still date as long as they are able to find someone who also has the same condition and will be able to understand what it is like to have the condition. And there are a number of things to do. First, it is essential to disclose one’s status to one’s partner before engaging in sex. But it is equally important not to disclose one’s STD in one’s profile. Instead, they should get to know someone who seems to have an open mind and to reveal one’s status at the proper time. Second, it is important to understand as much as possible regarding one’s STD. Third, it is vital to be ready to answer questions from one’s partner, which is another good reason to fully understand one’s STD. And lastly, it is always a good idea to use some protection when engaging in sex to prevent the chances of infection.

Those who would like to know more about the dating app can check out the Meet Positives website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. To know more about the company, they can check out the Meet Positives press releases.


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