Meet Positives Now Providing A Dating Platform For Positive Singles Without Stigma

Positive singles can now date without the fear of stigma associated with having a lifelong infections

Meet positives has been providing a dating site for positive singles and members are happy with what they get. The site takes a different approach in online dating by giving positive singles a platform where they can meet other like-minded people and get into relationships without having to deal with judgment and stigma.

According to a blog highlighting the benefits of using Meet Positives, “When users join MeetPositives, their first step is to select a subscription level. Jack notes that some users wonder why the site is behind a paywall, preferring that positive people could join for free. Besides needing to pay his team, Jack explains that the subscription model discourages snoopers who may use members’ STD status against them. If the site were free, people could join to learn private information about other users.”

On matters related to the safety of members the blog stated, “But MeetPositives is serious about safeguarding member privacy. The website is encrypted with an SSL certificate that uses the more secure HTTPS protocol. Users can also communicate with each other using disguised phone numbers, so anyone can cut off communication whenever they choose. MeetPositivies plans to add a feature soon that allows users to edit their photos to disguise or blur themselves and further mask their identities. Then, after a user trusts someone they’ve connected with online, they can share photos they don’t want all members of the dating platform to see.”

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