Meet Positives Announces Partnership With Express STD Testing

Meet Positives, based in Chicago, Illinois, is pleased to announce that they will be partnering with Express STD Testing. Meet Positives is a social media platform which provides an opportunity for people living with lifelong infections to share their experiences while remaining anonymous. The platform also provides information and advice related to dating while positive. Through this partnership with Express STD Testing, the platform hopes to widen its reach within the community while also helping provide a much-needed service.

Express STD Testing provides fast, discreet, accurate and affordable STD testing to the local community. The company also offers a new and safer STD testing method. Their main aim is to spread STD awareness and give the general public a chance to know their status in an efficient private manner. In order to make this possible, Express STD Testing has over 4,500 testing centers throughout the United States where anyone can get an STD test. These tests are based on urine and blood samples. After sample collection, an individual can expect their STD results in 1 to 2 business days. Some of these testing locations are open on Saturdays for convenience, just in case one cannot make it during the week. Through the partnership with Meet Positives, both companies will be able to widen their reach while providing information and guidance on a stigma and judgement-free platform.

Apart from the testing, Express STD Testing also has doctors ready to provide professional consultation in the event the results are positive. The company also guarantees confidentiality, ensuring that medical and personal information remains confidential throughout the testing process. For those who do test positive, Meet Positives provides an open platform to meet others in the same situation as well as take part in a forum that offers advice and support.

Express STD Testing has also made the testing process efficient and affordable. The main focus is on raising awareness to help stop the spread of various STDS, a goal which is shared by Meet Positives as well. To quote the Express STD Testing website, “We believe that the best way to fight the spread of different STDs is to know your status. This is why our website is a source of STD information including transmission, symptoms, and treatment options available.” Learn more here: Express STD Testing Media.

Meet Positives is an anonymous platform which helps Herpes positive people connect, date and share stories. The site also provides access to discussion forums and reviews up-to-date information and treatment options. According to statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one in six people in the United States between 14 and 49 years of age have herpes. It is a diagnosis which can leave someone feeling alone, embarrassed and confused about the next step in their lives.

Express STD testing

The Meet Positives platform aims to eliminate these concerns with its anonymous platform that allows people to connect, share their stories and concerns and, in time, foster romantic connections. The partnership with Express STD Testing opens up this platform to many others who may have been newly diagnosed as well. The partnership will provide a support system, particularly to those who are still adjusting to their new reality.

CEO of Meet Positives Jack Lombardi says that the site is designed for those who have tested positive for Herpes or any of the many other STDs that affect the population. By using a website that is dedicated to those with such a condition, the company states that singles can feel more optimistic about the dating scene. They need not be concerned that someone will find out that they are positive or have to wonder when they should tell the person they are dating that they have tested positive.

He adds that, “Our community is warm and inviting. You will feel right at home, you will feel confident and you will finally feel comfortable talking with singles. This is a wonderful chance for you to finally be yourself. Our trusted dating site is safe and secure, so you never have to worry about your information being used anywhere else." Lombardi would also like to point out the fact that, while those who have tested positive have done nothing wrong, many often feel ashamed or ostracized. He and his team created this site as a way to help such people accept their diagnosis and move on with their lives — within a community that does not belittle or exclude them.

To learn more about Meet Positives or Express STD Testing, one may visit their official websites. Further information can be found on their social media channels as well.


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