MedShadow Foundation Panel Discussion on Medication Side Effects and Medical Harm Can Be Viewed on Their Facebook Page

MedShadow Foundation, an independent non-profit organization based in New York, NY, wants to inform everyone that their panel discuss about the documentary film, “Medicating Normal,” about medication side effects and medical harm can be viewed on their Facebook page. The video can be viewed at According to an article in JAMA, there are over 21 million serious adverse drug reactions in hospitals every year, resulting into over 100,000 deaths. In the US, it has been observed that prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death, alongside stroke. MedShadow wants to stress that side effects are personal and can have a significant impact on one’s health, including the family. Side effect awareness, avoidance, and management can reduce the numbers.

It is pointed out that drugs have side effects and can affect people differently. The panelists also discussed the possibility of physical dependence, which is a condition where there is a physiological adaptation in response to repeated and regular drug use. This becomes apparent when the drug is abruptly discontinued or there is a substantial reduction in the dosage and the person experiences withdrawal signs and symptoms. These withdrawal signs and symptoms are actually the only actual evidence of physical dependence. This physical dependence is not only associated with drugs that are prone to abuse, but also with drugs that have no abuse potential.

In relation to the above discussion, it is important to note that while antidepressants and antianxiety medications can help with the management of mental illness, many patients, and even doctors, don’t really have enough information to make an informed decision about using these drugs. Even some healthcare professionals misunderstand the actual side effects of drugs for treating anxiety and depression. For instance, benzodiazepines have been found to help in treating anxiety but this is only for the short term, about four weeks. However, there’s little evidence of the drug’s continued efficacy after that period. The problem is that there is very limited studies available on how to effectively and safely stop taking these medications.

And sadly, patients frequently discover the side effects and risks of taking these medications after having taken them and experiencing the harm firsthand. The documentary film, “Medicating Normal,” takes a look at several patients who have experienced the risks of antidepressant and antianxiety drugs after the fact. The film shows how the patients worked in order to recover from the drugs’ side effects and reveals what happened when they stopped using the medications.

MedShadow Foundation was established with the goal of protecting lives by revealing the hidden and minimized risks of medication so that everyone may have the ability to really make informed decisions about the benefits, risks, and alternatives to medicines. They have created an independent nonprofit health news journalism site focused on the side effects of medicines and lower risk alternative health options. And even though they are nonprofit, they refuse to accept support from pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers. They can assure everyone that their information is free from the influence of pharmaceutical companies. MedShadow is composed of medical professionals, donors, award winning health journalists, and volunteers who are committed to expose the hidden and minimized risks of medicines so that everyone would be able to make the best health care decisions for themselves and their families.

It is important to note that every medication has a side effect and so does every vitamin, herbal remedy, supplement, etc. For instance, ibuprofen is effective for muscle aches but taking too much of this medicine can cause liver damage in just three days. Lavender essential oils may help relieve anxiety but they can also cause estrogen surges in babies.

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