Media Blitz Networking Matches Businesses With Targeted Prospects

Greenville, Illinois based Max Community is pleased to announce the launch of Media Blitz Networking, a new service that is intended to give businesses more direction in their online networking efforts. Those interested in learning more about, or registering with, Media Blitz Networking are welcome to visit the company’s official website to get started.

Max Community is wholly based online, and their team is dedicated to giving businesses the tools and insight they need to prosper in today’s digital world. The community is filled with like-minded individuals who are all ready to share the benefit of their experience as well as locate peers who can shed light on the challenges they face in their own organizations. Given their exclusively online status, members are also able to attend webinars and other networking events while remaining completely Covid-safe, managing their time more efficiently and more. They can also contribute or seek help from virtually any location in the world, provided they have a suitable internet connection.

Currently, Zoom has taken the forefront of the conversation as most businesses' preferred platform to conduct online meetings for networking. However, Max Community identified a shortcoming with Zoom that makes it unsustainable as a long-term solution: a business has very little ability to control which prospects they network with, potentially bringing them in contact with entities that are not interested in their services or capabilities. Prior to the economic pressures that followed in the wake of the pandemic, this may have been written off as the mere cost of doing business. However, many organizations are being driven closer to uncomfortable margins as they try to recover, and the time they expend in networking sessions that prove unfruitful can have a lasting impact that delays their recovery.

Media Blitz Networking is Max Community’s response to this problem, which many businesses are facing more and more as they interact with clients and peers on an increasingly digital basis. Media Blitz Networking is effectively an online business speed networking event that allows participants the opportunity to match with clients via targeted meetings. This maximizes how effectively they use their time and instantly offers them access to far more opportunities than they were likely to find by attempting to network on non-specialized platforms such as Zoom.

To offer an idea of how revolutionary this is, Max Community points out that there are an estimated 300 million daily users on Zoom. This is notable due to the fact that this number was only around 10 million at the end of 2019. In a few months, beginning in July 2019, Zoom alone grew from 2 Billion webinar minutes to more than 45 Billion in October 2020. This number has only grown since, and it must be noted that Zoom is also not the only platform offering such a service. Many, including the team behind Max Community and its members, have thus concluded that networking via face-to-face participation and video technology is the future all businesses will have to contend with.

Greg Sanders of Max Community states, “The best ways to market a business now include video meetings, and participants not utilizing this shift are missing out. The efficiency of Media Blitz Networking is greater than Zoom for connecting with the right clients in a true networking session — with added abilities. One of the features we are most proud of, and which we encourage our participants to try out immediately, is the ability to follow up from within the platform.” Sanders clarifies that all registrations are free for Media Blitz Networking. However, there is also a paid tier that offers even more functionality.

The Max Community mission is to help entrepreneurs build their dream businesses as well as support their dream life. Alongside Media Blitz Networking, the organization has built many tools in pursuit of this goal. Those interested are welcome to contact the team today to follow up on any further inquiries. Further details regarding Max Community, their members, services and much more can also be found on their official website.


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