Meat Motor Posts Axxion Rocker Plate Review

Meat Motor, a sports website based in Texas, is pleased to share their comprehensive and informative Axxion Rocker Plate Review. They also publish useful tips for more effective cycling, intended to help athletes across the globe.

Meat Motor notes that outdoor exercises have been widely discouraged due to the strict preventive measures raised against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gyms have been forced to close, contests have been suspended, and public sports activities have been banned to dissuade people from congregating. In fact, data from a survey by Statista shows that about 3 out of 10 Americans have failed to sustain their exercise routines ever since the pandemic began.

However, Meat Motor believes that social distancing should not hinder athletes from working out. Instead of spending the day relatively immobile at home, people should still make an effort to engage in physical activity. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exercising at least an hour every day to avoid excess weight and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

In light of this, Meat Motor is committed to helping endurance athletes, specifically cyclists, find ways to practice for their future competitions. The company has completed a full review of the Axxion Rocker Plate. Rocker plates are a growing trend among cyclists using indoor trainers.

The Meat Motor review also includes a video walkthrough.

The company has also provided a review of the ordering process, shipping, product packaging, assembly, and rider experience.

Meat Motor says that, in essence, the Axxion Rocker Plate provides greater comfort while the bike is in use. This is particularly helpful for athletes who are working out for long periods of time. With those add-ons, the indoor experience is a bit more akin to cycling outdoors while continuing to remain safe inside or avoiding harsh weather.

The Axxion Rocker Plate is also shown to be safe, preventing bikers from falling while propelling the stationary bike. Scientifically speaking, it is a gravity-driven rocker plate. Unlike other rocker plates, inflatables (which require a certain amount of inflation in order for riders to keep their balance) are not necessary. Therefore, athletes do not have to worry anymore when the inflatables let air out.

Aside from presenting the perks of the Axxion Rocker Plate, Meat Motor also covers how athletes use the device alongside popular e-cycling app, Zwift. As shown in the Zwift Trainer Difficulty article, the platform is able to connect cyclists with other bikers throughout the world. When cycling with their rocker plates, they are able to see themselves racing each other in a virtual field.

As a result, stationary biking is transformed into a more fun experience by integrating the social aspects of outdoor sports activities.

Jordan Fowler, founder of Meat Motor, has been an active triathlete since his early twenties. He is also an avid reader in sports science and physiology, both of which he uses in recommending techniques and nutritional supplements for runners, cyclists, and swimmers. He says, “I like to ride bikes, I like to go faster, and I like scientific studies on cycling faster (and other endurance-related things). I am always gathering intel. So, I thought, why not just do this publicly so others can benefit.”

Those who want to read scientifically-based but practical cycling performance articles, comprehensive reviews of biking equipment and other effective tips may visit Meat Motor’s official website to get started. They provide free access to all of the resources and allows users to submit useful sports studies if they want to suggest more content. Furthermore, cyclists and endurance athletes may connect with Meat Motor via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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