Matthews Turf Management Shares Insight On Weed Control in Augusta, GA

Columbia, Georgia -

Evans, Georgia based Matthews Turf Management is reaching out to the local community to share information about weed control. Matthews Turf Management specializes in residential and commercial lawn fertilization and weed control services and is serving the residents of the greater Augusta, GA, area and beyond.

Matthew Klein from Matthews Turf Management says, “Weeds are a problem; they can cause great damage to the ecosystems they appear in. Some weeds can even cause health issues for animals or people. Considering the annoying and invasive nature of weeds, getting rid of weeds is one of the most important parts of lawn care, and an important step in that process is to know the type of weeds that you are likely to deal with.”

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In a blog post on their website, Matthews Turf Management details three of the most common weeds affecting lawns in Georgia and South Carolina. The first is crabgrass, an infamous weed that is prevalent in many southern lawns and garden beds. It looks like a coarse, light green clump of grass and can often be found growing in cracks in a driveway, sidewalks or other concrete surfaces. These weeds can thrive even during summer or drought periods, making them truly annoying to deal with.

Conversely, nutsedge is a weed that prefers moist soil. If left to grow, nutsedges produce spiky flower clusters that are very distinct. Often, they grow in areas where the soil is not draining properly or where a sprinkler head is experiencing a leak. However, much like other weeds, it can grow in other conditions too. As a perennial weed, it can die during cold periods and then emerge in full bloom during the spring.

Annual bluegrass is a third type of weed common in Georgia and South Carolina. It is a species of bluegrass with a bright green/yellow coloring and white seed heads. It germinates in late summer or fall, appears in the winter and dies off when the heat returns. Due to this growing pattern, annual bluegrass, if not addressed, can cause bare patches in the lawn during the summer months. These weeds also prefer moist conditions and typically thrive in lawns that are cut shorter.

Knowing the type of weeds is the start of the battle, but it can also help to know ways to control the growth of weeds. In another blog post, Matthews Turf Management shares tips to fight back against weeds. The company says that mowing the lawn tactically can go a long way. Mainly, this is by keeping the grass high, around 3–3 ½ inches tall (though the exact height can vary depending on the type of grass), even though it might be tempting to cut it short to make mowing a less regular activity. A high and thick lawn can prohibit the growth or slow the spread of weeds, so it can also be helpful to ensure there are no bare spots on the lawn.

The company also recommends watering intentionally. The blog post explains that in the south, it is usually necessary to supplement rainfall with irrigation to maintain a healthy lawn. Conducting proper research into the necessary watering pattern for the lawn in question and watering properly can ensure that grass growth is encouraged. Simultaneously, it is also important to weed effectively — removing as much of the weeds’ roots as possible when weeding. Leaving pulled weeds on the soil or mixing weeds into mulch can both lead to weeds continuing to grow on the lawn. Finally, Matthews Lawn Management points out that proper fertilization, including the application of a pre-emergent in late February or early March, can help make sure that the grass is equipped to thrive, which in turn will inhibit the growth of weeds.

Klein says, “While getting rid of weeds may seem like a daunting prospect, you don’t need to go at it alone. The team at Matthews Turf Management is here to help save you time and stress. Get in touch with us today, and we can get started as soon as you want.”

Those who want to learn more about the full range of services provided by Matthews Turf Management should visit the company’s website for more information. Matthew Klein encourages interested parties to get directly in touch with him or his team via email or phone. Alternatively, the company’s website has a contact form for customers.


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