Match Financial Announces the Launch of Its Updated Website

Match Financial is very pleased to announce that it has now launched its completely redesigned and updated website. The company hopes that this effectively new website will make it much simpler for visitors to find the information they are looking for regarding the various financial products that Match Financial has to offer.

The new website has been redesigned and built from the ground up to be responsive and readable no matter what device is actually being used. Visitors using a cellphone, tablet, or a desktop computer will now find the website to be very user friendly and have a positive experience when viewing the website’s pages.

The company’s new website offers everything from a free newsletter to detailed articles about how to evaluate different financial offerings so that an appropriate choice can be made by someone who is interested in such products.

In addition to its goal of educating and empowering consumers to make wise financial choices, the company is also striving to become a trusted source of financial information that visitors will return to time and again. Accordingly, with that aim in mind, there are informational articles on the website on just about every money and finance-related topic that one could think of.

Many people have heard of a credit score, but most do not realize what it actually means and how it affects them. Surprisingly, many people are not aware of their own credit score despite the fact it is relatively easy and free once a year to find out. Even when someone does know their credit score, they do not always understand its implications for financial choices and decisions they make.

Match Financial has not only set out to make its website a source of helpful information, however. It has also taken the opportunity to debunk various myths and rumors that have been repeated for decades by people who have misunderstood the way that the financial system actually works.

For example, many people believe that closing their credit cards is the very best way to raise their credit scores. The truth of the matter is that abruptly closing secured or unsecured credit lines in that way does not improve someone’s credit score. That belief is not only wrong but has the opposite effect to the desired one in so much that it can negatively affect a credit rating.

Another persistent myth, according to Match Financial, is that bankruptcy always permanently damages an individual’s credit record. The truth is that although bankruptcy does initially damage a credit score it is not permanent damage. For most filers the average credit score will rise somewhere between 50 and 80 points in the three to six-month time period after a bankruptcy filing.

Match Financial has spent a great deal of time and effort in order to bring forward some of the most useful and helpful information about financial products on the Internet. Even though everyone’s situation is unique, the company stands ready to help its visitors find the right personal finance products that will work for them.

With the number of extremely useful articles now published on its website, Match Financial has effectively demonstrated its intention to differentiate itself from the proliferating number of low information websites and companies that are not trying to put the consumer first.

Match Financial, based in Wilmington, Delaware, is a locally owned and operated company which believes in providing the best service it can to the surrounding community that it serves.

The company prides itself on its ability to assist in not only educating consumers but in helping them to find the right answers to their inquiries and to subsequently make thoughtful and informed financial choices.

Those interested in finding out more about how finance works and how that can affect them can do so by visiting the company’s newly updated and relaunched website. In addition, visitors will be able to explore the products and services that Match Financial has to offer.


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Alec Foster