Master Piercing Updates Info on Body Piercings and Provides Details About Snakebite Piercing

Master Piercing, a website dedicated to body piercing ideas for both men and women, has included information regarding snakebite piercing. The snakebite piercing is a pair of piercings on the lower lip on its either side. These look like a snake bite or fangs, thus the name. This particular type of piercing is unique but is considered to be hot and trendy. Both men and women want a snakebite piercing because it offers a mysterious look that highlights the facial symmetry and the beauty of the lips.

For those who want to get a snakebite piercing, they are advised to choose a salon that is licensed in all kinds of oral piercings. A professional and expert piercer will perform the following steps: clean and sterilize the piercing equipment before use; clean the area to be pierced; numb the area to in order to minimize the piercing pain; mark the specified place for piercing by using a marker or pen; use a hollow needle and carefully punch the desired piercing; insert the ring or stud in the piercing; and clean the area if there’s any blood or seepage.

The most common risks that are related to a snakebite piercing is infection and damage to the tooth and gums. The jewelry to be used must be chosen properly because the wrong size can scratch the gum or teeth. Scarring and rejection are also potential risks. Furthermore, it can also cause ulcers in the mouth and make oral hygiene difficult. It is vital to observe appropriate oral care.

The pain that is felt using a rating scale of 0 to 10 is 5. Lip piercings, such as snakebite piercing, are less painful in contrast to other facial piercings. The piercing is relatively easy to perform but it can cause some discomfort and pain because of the swelling of the lip after the procedure. This will also be dependent on the individual’s pain tolerance, health, and mood while undergoing the piercing procedure.

There are a number of things that should be done to ensure proper aftercare. These include: maintaining oral hygiene habits, such as rinsing mouth after every meal; using a toothbrush with soft bristles and gently brushing the teeth; eating a balanced diet and ensuring proper sleep to boost the immune system and speed up the healing process; placing a small ice cube inside the mouth to minimize swelling; cleaning the area regularly with saline solution; and ensuring the clean towels and handkerchiefs are used to wipe the mouth.

There are also several things to avoid during the healing process. Thus, it is advisable: not to eat sticky or spicy foods; not to swim or take a bath in bathtubs; not to change the jewelry until the piercing has been fully healed; to avoid oral contact because this can stretch the piercings; and not to touch the piercings with unclean hands.

Infection is to be avoided as this may have some complications and lengthen the healing process. People who underwent a body piercing should be aware of the symptoms of an infection, such as: excessive swelling, pus discharge, redness or discoloration around the area, soreness, intolerable pain, and itching and irritation. If infection is present, it is advisable to act immediately by: cleaning the wound regularly; not removing the jewelry as this may result in the piercing hole getting clogged; consulting a doctor for medical advice; following the doctor’s prescription for the specified period; and dabbing the infected area with saline solution to prevent the infection from spreading.

For jewelries, both studs and rings can be used for snakebite piercings. A combination of both may even be used. It is important to make sure that the metal of the ornament used does not rust as this can cause complications. It should also be a metal that does not cause skin irritation, such as gold, surgical steel, titanium, and niobium.

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