Maserati of White Plains Offers Easy Way to Get Maserati Service

Maserati of White Plains, an auto dealership in White Plains, NY, has announced that their customers can easily get quality Maserati service with their simplified process of getting maintenance service from their Maserati service center. Each time customers visit the service center of Maserati of White Plains, they will get a complimentary service inspection and report card that provides the details on whatever part of the Maserati may require attention at present or in the future.

Leonardo Didonna, general manager at Maserati of White Plains, says, “We’re here to make sure you continue to get the best out of your Maserati for years to come, so we encourage you to take advantage of our dealership. It makes keeping track of your Maserati's service and maintenance more convenient than ever. Stay up to date with a factory maintenance schedule, service history log, service coupons, interactive guides to your vehicle’s features and more.”

With regards to how long the maintenance service will take, Leonardo Didonna wants to point out that they understand that their customers will not want a long hiatus on their Maserati driving experience. That is why the maintenance service that they will provide combines quality and speed. Their precision service system streamlines the maintenance process, offering a seamless experience that allows customers to get back to driving their Maserati as early as possible.

The Maserati oil change is one of the key services offered by the service center of Maserati of White Plains. The oil service begins at $229 and provides customers with confidence that their Maserati will be operating at maximum efficiency with the Genuine Maserati Premium Oil change service provided by the center’s certified Maserati technicians. The brand of engine oil recommended by Maserati is the Genuine Maserati Premium Engine Oil, which has been engineered for the unique requirements of the Maserati vehicle. This engine oil has been designed to offer peak performance, fuel economy, and engine protection. Maserati of White Plains recommends that customers only use the best premium engine oil that is supplied by a Maserati dealer.

Leonardo Didonna also advises Maserati customers to monitor the oil changes done for their car because delaying oil change service can cause damage to the car. He suggests that customers contact the dealership’s service center to find out exactly when their car requires an oil change.

Maserati of White Plains offers an easy way for customers to have their Maserati serviced, even without leaving their home. With their complimentary pick up and delivery service, they will pick up the car and also drop off a loaner. Then will perform a maintenance service for the car, and conduct a multi-point inspection. And finally, they will deliver the Maserati to the customer’s home, washed and clean, and ready to go.

Maserati of White Plains also has a parts department. Through this parts service center, their experienced technicians will offer rapid, convenient and quality service and genuine OEM parts for the Maserati. Customers can have their battery replaced or oil changed, or have the brakes of their Maserati inspected. This parts center also has OEM accessories and performance parts for the Maserati to make sure that the car is personalized based on the owner’s preferences.

Those who would like to learn more on how to get their Maserati serviced may also want to visit the website of the Maserati of White Plains, or contact them on the phone or through email. The dealership’s service center is open from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday, and from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays.

Loyal customers of Maserati of White Plains may also want to check out their Maserati lease pull ahead program. With this program, the customers’ Maserati driving experience need not end when their lease expires. Customers can end their Maserati lease early with the dealership willing to waive up to 6 remaining payments of the current lease. Customers simply need to turn in their Maserati early and take delivery of a new 2020 Maserati before the lease contract matures.


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