Maryland Demolition Company Delivers High Standard Of Service Despite Crisis

Arlington, VA-based Next Day Demolition is pleased to share that they are still able to deliver rapid and efficient service to their community despite the pandemic and the challenges that followed in its wake. The company has implemented a number of measures that allow it to protect both their employees and clients from the risk of transmission while minimizing the impact this has on their overall productivity. As such, the Maryland home demolition provider looks forward to working with new clients whose projects cannot wait until the conclusion of the current crisis.

Next Day Demolition representative S. Gordon states, “Delays are an unfortunate reality of any project, but a good project coordinator or management team will do their utmost to avoid it at all costs. As anyone with any experience in the field knows, this is due to the fact that delays can be extremely costly. Since the beginning of the pandemic early this year, however, many projects have been struck by delays that appear to have no end in sight. Next Day Demolition has been fortunate enough to remain functional for the most part, but we are also doing everything in our power to ensure this remains the case. We have no intention of disappointing our clients.”

As the company proudly states on their website, clients may get in touch with Next Day Demolition to have their demolitions requirements thoroughly addressed within an extremely short period — as little as 24 hours. Their contractors can handle a wide variety of demolition scenarios, from clearing every structure on a property to precise and controlled demolition of select areas. For instance, the company is able to target a specific location without affecting damage to surrounding structures. Some may expect this to mean that the company can demolish a backyard shed without harming the house, but it also means they can target areas that are part of a bigger structure. This effectively means that clients can have specific rooms of their home, such as a kitchen extension and so on, demolished without risking the structural integrity of the rest of their house.

Each demolition is carried out by local contractors who are pre-screened, licensed and insured for the tasks they are assigned. In addition, their experience is paired with high quality equipment that allows them to get each project completed on time and within budget. By doing so, Next Day Demolition stays true to their name, allowing the next stage of a construction project to go ahead without issue.

Gordon adds that homeowners need not worry about clean up either. The company utilizes fast and reliable disposal and recycling tools to clear out any debris, only leaving behind a fresh site that is ready for a new structure to be built. Next Day Demolition also goes a step further, offering site preparation as well as grading and disaster clean-up services. This makes them a universal provider for any client’s demolition needs. As they proudly state on their website, “We are founded on a philosophy of integrity, hard work, grit and teamwork, which is why Next Day Demolition shines among the competition more than just for our next-day estimate guarantee.”

Notably, Next Day Demolition further holds the distinction of being one of the area’s premier commercial and industrial demolition contractors. They apply many of the same principles to their commercial projects that they do for residential work — such as a careful, efficient and customized approach to any task — and also offer additional services that are generally in more demand for larger projects. For instance, they also offer safe, cost effective and innovative recycling services for materials like concrete, brick, wood and other recoverable building elements. This is vital for commercial demolition projects, given that they tend to generate a great deal of material waste.

Those looking for a commercial or residential demolition contractor in Maryland are welcome to contact S. Gordon for additional details regarding their services and availability. The company encourages clients to ask about their social distancing protocols and other measures as well if it will help put them at ease. Similarly, the company can be reached via their social media platforms, where they regularly share updates on their work and communicate with their followers.


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