Marketing Agency Releases Blog Post About WordPress 5.5 Update Conflicting with Plugins

Rainmaker Reputation, a company based in Austin, TX, has announced that they have recently published a blog post about how the WordPress 5.5 update has been conflicting with plugins and how to fix it. It was observed that thousands of WordPress sites are no longer working properly because the said update had deprecated support for a JavaScript library known as the jQuery Migrate. It turned out that WordPress publishers who continue to use an older theme, particularly a theme that is no longer being updated, experienced problems with compatibility.

According to the article, if the problem has to do with a plugin that utilizes the older JavaScript files, it would be necessary to check when was the most recent update made for the plugin. If the most recent update was made a year ago or longer, it is necessary to look for a more up-to-date plugin, which is called Enable jQuery Migrate Helper. Using a more up-to-date plugin is also essential because older plugins that have been abandoned have the potential to become security risks. It is advisable to update to a new and well-maintained plugin rather than continue using the older plugin that might have security problems.

Rainmaker Reputation is a digital marketing and local search agency that strives to be well-informed regarding any technical issues, such as the one with WordPress 5.5. Furthermore, they are a marketing agency that can help businesses with local search engine optimization (SEO).

Jay Turner from Rainmaker Reputation says, “We strive to get your site up and running as soon as possible. Typically, our design process takes 3-5 weeks from start to launch on new, custom web designs. Converting an existing site can take more or less time, depending on a number of factors. Regardless of the project at hand, we are able to quickly create and launch your site thanks to our simplified, straightforward process.”

Being focused on staying on top of technical issues, they also advise businesses to go mobile if they want to stay ahead. Getting the website to be mobile-responsive has become essential because 57 percent, or more than half, of the US population owns a smartphone and Americans are currently spending two hours each day, using their mobile devices. Thus, businesses that want to get the attention of potential customers have to go mobile.

It should also be noted that mobile phone users are conditioned to utilize their smartphones for product and service searches. In addition, studies have revealed that two out of three searches for local information are now done through a mobile device. Thus, a website that is not mobile friendly means that traditional advertising that is done through radio, TV and print, including social media, PPC, SEO and even referrals and networking will be less effective.

Rainmaker Reputation is also a video marketing agency because they know that video marketing may be used to promote a brand’s products and services and cultivate customer relationships. Brands need to use a number of forward-looking marketing strategies that include the use of engaging videos in their marketing campaigns. Opportunities must be created for videos to increase awareness about products and services, promote the company, and engage with customers. Video marketing, when used with the right strategy, can have a long-lasting positive impact on a small business.

Rainmaker Reputation also offers reputation management services. They want to point out that the most effective strategy for reputation management is to promote the business honestly, actively engage with customers online, and implement customer experience management (CEM) practices. Online reputation management makes use of a number of techniques and strategies with the aim of positively influencing the online perception about the business. They want to emphasize that in today’s very competitive business environment, it is essential to position the business as a brand with a positive reputation.

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