Maria Gudelis Review Helps Illuminate Coach’s Success

London, Ontario based social media entrepreneurial coach Maria Gudelis has been receiving great feedback on her courses, and she is eager to share some of their success stories with the business community. Gudelis has made it her mission to pass on her extensive knowledge to other aspiring entrepreneurs who are struggling to take the reins on their brand’s social media presence and reach a wider audience.

Maria Gudelis reviews can be found on a number of platforms, left by grateful students who learned a great deal from their time under her tutelage. She encourages all interested parties to look up these testimonials if they are considering signing up with an expert but are uncertain whom to turn to. Since it is impossible to know how effective a course is until it has been tried, she explains, the next best thing is to hear from those who have already done it themselves.

Alternatively, Gudelis says that anyone can look up case studies of her students, which are also freely available online. One such case study covers the story of Kate Sansum, a life and wellness coach based out of the UK who had already tried working with several other social media coaches to little success. Prior to discovering Gudelis, she had hired an expensive coach to assist her efforts. However, she did not know that this coach offered no one-on-one time with their students; they instead delegated this duty to a sub-tier of coaches. The most Sansum achieved in her time with these coaches, the case study reports, was a number of offers that unfortunately brought in low sales and very little profits. This led Sansum to consider what many entrepreneurs tend to at this stage: the decision whether to keep trying or give up and look for a more conventional career.

As Gudelis states in the case study, she could instantly see that Sansum was both talented and passionate about her work, two vital components of success. This meant that her social media strategy was the only aspect that needed fine-tuning, and this was fortunately well within Gudelis’ realm of expertise.

The case study states, “After attending multiple coaching calls, we identified that Kate’s business needed to add a high ticket offer and change up her marketing message to an empowered selling model. We also added a simple client attraction system giving her the ability to convert her ideal prospects into high paying customers.” The result of this was Sansum getting 10 booked appointments in the first week and signing four 4-figure clients for a program she had yet to finalise. With Gudelis’ guidance, she was able to lock in these clients and finish her work, eventually going on to bring in $16,000 in two months (with over 70% profit).

These case studies are not the only testimonials of Gudelis’ impact on her community, however. As an accomplished author, she has penned several works that explore the art and science behind taking control of a brand’s presence on various social media platforms. Among these works is ‘21 Ways To Use Social Media by Maria Gudelis: "Steal" These Ways To Maximum Social Media Success,’ which is currently available on Amazon as well.

Of the numerous positive comments shared here, one Maria Gudelis review says, “When I first saw the title of this book I thought, ‘Oh, another social media how-to book. They come a dime a dozen.’ Still, I always look for a few pearls of wisdom and guidance in the books I read so I decided to give this one a shot. I was pleasantly surprised! As an author and business owner I need to promote what I do. Admittedly, I don't like doing the whole social media thing. It can get overwhelming and you never know if what you're doing is the right thing, the best thing, or you're just wasting your time.” It continues, “The author knows what she's talking about. Maria Gudelis is a world-wide speaker, consultant and virtual venture capitalist. Get your copy of her book today and make the most of your social media efforts for success.”

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