Maria Gudelis Review & Case Study Shared With Entrepreneurs

London, Ontario based Maria Gudelis, a social media and business coach who specialises in training entrepreneurs to boost their income via digital marketing strategies, is pleased to share a case study of one of her program’s participants. Gudelis has helped many people identify what works best for their talents and circumstances, and her tutelage has led these individuals to drastically improve their profits in relatively short periods.

“Each Maria Gudelis review is an example for others to follow,” says Gudelis of the feedback she has received. “As proud as I am of my work, the true lesson in these stories is that anyone can change their business’ outlook by refocusing their efforts on strategies that have been proven to work. Many of my students find me after having to deal with other coaches who promise a lot but deliver very little. My promise to you is this: I will help you market yourself for exactly what you are worth. You may find that this is considerably more than you expected.”

The case study in question touches on the progress of Carina Hatton, an eCommerce Consulting and Coaching entrepreneur who had previously been struggling to find success with other social media coaches. According to Gudelis, every student is unique, so while some may step up and follow her guidance to the letter, others might find it too difficult and leave after a short while. Fortunately, Hatton turned out to be of the former category, and her hard work paid off greatly.

“We first evaluated her current course offer and turned her ‘boring offer’ into a ‘sexy irresistible offer’ that's scalable,” says the case study. “Then we worked on her brand and social media presence so that she would build an emotional bond with her audience using our story framework. She was super scared to get on video, and we created specific ‘mini challenges,’ tools and simple content topics so that she would grow her confidence in herself and start showing up strong.” Listen to more about Gudelis’ style of teaching here:

Once this foundation was laid, the time came to build her audience. Gudelis’ program offers participants access to a number of tools as well as the combined marketing expertise of her entire team, so this was put to great use here. As the case study explains, they used their established framework to develop a hypothetical free offer. This was then validated via the team’s sales funnel, which notably is one of the key tools offered in the program.

In practice, this allowed Hatton to test how successful this offer would be, and the results were startling. Once the offer’s viability was determined, Hatton’s next step was to trust herself to reproduce these results every month by putting the work in consistently. In turn, this led her audience’s faith in her to grow, and she eventually came to a point where customers were ready to make purchases before they learned the details of new offers.

Today, Hatton’s business has exploded in popularity to the point where she has months where she achieves over $40k, and new buyers are always coming in. Gudelis concludes that Hatton achieved what may be the ultimate goal for every student in her program: to go from, “feeling like she was chasing money to feeling fulfilled and connected with her community.” The key here was for Hatton to recognise that she had a product people wanted and the innate talent to deliver it in a productive manner — and then reorient her social media presence to ensure everyone else could see the value in her business as well.

Hatton’s expertise is in eCommerce, and she evidently knows how to coach students into succeeding in this niche. In her (and many others), Gudelis saw a kindred spirit who simply needed coaching in another area, social media, in order to realise her full potential and share her gifts with her community.

Gudelis invites all interested parties to reach out to her team via email or social media to enquire after their programs. She also hosts podcasts where she explores the subject in greater details and shares a great many valuable insights. Listen to her ideas on surviving (and thriving) during the pandemic here:


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