Maria Gudelis Reveals How She Made Her First Million Online in New Podcast Episode

Maria Gudelis, a life and business coach based in London, Ontario, Canada, has revealed how she made her first million in 90 days in her new podcast, which is the third episode in a series of podcasts. It happened more than 17 years ago when she saw a full-page newspaper ad by Robert Allen indicating that he aims to create 1,000 new millionaires in just a short time. The result was that she signed up for a free seminar that discussed wealth creation and Internet marketing. And after the seminar, she was invested $5,000 for a three-day training camp and one of the three-day events was focused on Internet marketing.

Maria Gudelis says, “I did what they said to do and was simply shocked that I was able to sell a $17 info product on eBay! And now, you may be wondering how I got from a $17 sale to over a million online in 90 days. First, it took years of trial and error before having the audience size, the traffic formula, and confidence to pull in one million in 90 days. Second, I invested in the experts to hone my craft. Third, I took the leap.”

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The funnel that she used was a low ticket funnel that began with a $17 digital information product on using social media and this led to other offers. It was a type of paid challenge that taught people something every day. The next upsell was $27 and after the daily challenge, she sold an affiliate product where she got 50 percent commission. Within a span of 30 days, she offered the buyers a $3,000 group coaching opportunity.

Within 60 days, she offered a free training webinar to the buyers of the group coaching opportunity. The webinar described to the participants how to get seven clients in just seven days. And after the webinar, she offered a social media certification program worth $2,000 and the 100 available spots were sold out within a week. After that, until day 90, she earned by offering all of the challenge buyers a digital training product by Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien that offered a six-month coaching program that provided guidance to participants on how to build six-figure online business. All that amounted to more than one million in revenue in a span of 90 days.

In another podcast series, the Maria Gudelis webinar strategy was also revealed when was a guest in a particular episode. In that episode, she describes what they did behind the scenes with a specific client who was already getting results in the first week. The client marketed a $997 course with the wedding photographers as the target market. The course enabled wedding photographers to build their business up to a six-figure income.

Meanwhile, the client had no experience about webinars and their starting point was a small list and his free Facebook group that he wanted to grow. Maria Gudelis points out that it is important to first do a couple of webinars first before they could come up with the webinar that they would be using for a long time. This is because it is vital to really determine what the webinar would be about and that it is important to get used to it and be comfortable with it. Furthermore, it is a good idea to be prepared for the success of the webinar.

What they did was get to work on determining what would be the right message to market. And then they took a look at the webinar slides and make a number of adjustments. They also established a scarcity plan for the client that provided solutions for his cash flow issues. And when they tested the webinar, the client was able to make $4,000 in sales with no spending for advertising and just coming up with the proper strategy and tweaking the message.

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