Maria Gudelis Podcast Inspires Listeners to Get Beyond Failure

Well known coach Maria Gudelis podcast episode 5 speaks specifically to the fact that everyone fails at some point. There are no exceptions as literally everyone does indeed fail at some time in their life. Even so, she says, the most important thing is to get beyond that failure. The show was released on February 5 and it has been streamed hundreds of times.

For people unfamiliar with the term "podcast," this is what it is. A podcast is an episodic series of spoken digital files that can be listened to immediately on cell phones, tablets, PCs, and increasingly on smart home devices. If required, they can be downloaded to a personal device for later listening. Such streaming services provide an extremely convenient way of listening to topics of interest and have gained an enormous following in recent years.

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Gudelis has been a millionaire business coach for years and has taught more than 30,000 people in the last decade. She says that she started the “It's OK to Fail podcast,” to reach more people and to communicate the principles that have worked very well for her and for the others that she has taught.

“I have failed many times,” Gudelis said. “But what is most important is that I have been able to keep my mindset and emotional outlook on a positive level.” In this particular episode of the podcast, Gudelis shares what she calls the “holy trinity” (or belief triad) of successful marketing.

Her methods have brought success for a large number of the people that have worked with her. On the podcast’s website, several clients have left glowing reviews. One wrote: “I spent a good six months or so lost in this vast ocean of internet marketing, frustrated and overwhelmed. A couple of months back now, I ran into an offer at the Warrior Forum that caught my attention in regard to offline marketing from someone I had not yet heard about, Maria Gudelis. I have a very strong feeling I will be forever grateful for that day.”

Ms. Gudelis agreed and said, "It's easy and effortless to sell your offer and have people FEEL the confidence by the energy you exude. Confidence, she added, can sell anything.”

Maria Gudelis Facebook page has a great deal of information about how her systems work and how she has been able to help many people through her work. One of the main things she emphasizes is that people must listen to their inner voices through meditation. "Inner reflection helps you find your north star, your path," she said.

Gudelis says that her passion and her mission is to help other entrepreneurs with her leading-edge strategies and systems to increase their sales, their lists and their profits.

She continued to say, “The bottom line is if a customer comes to me, learns my systems, and makes more money – then ultimately I make more money. So, my focus is 100% the work of helping clients to become the strongest and most accomplished entrepreneurs they can be.”

Karen Hensworth has been a coaching client of Ms. Gudelis for six months and she said, “Maria said before I started that her methods can make clients accomplish more in six months than they had in six years. Well, it was true. I’ve literally tripled my sales and more than quadrupled my email list. I highly encourage anyone who is struggling in business to learn from Maria’s podcasts and eBooks and if possible, to work with her in person.”

Ms. Gudelis said that the podcasts work both as a sequence but also offer helpful information as standalone pods. “However, I think that most people, especially new entrepreneurs, will benefit from backing up and starting at the beginning.”

The podcast is hosted on the Captivate platform and is also available on Ms. Gudelis’ new website at Ms. Gudelis can be contacted through the website or the Facebook page. The podcasts are available at no charge.


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