Maria Gudelis Launches ‘It's OK To Fail’ Podcast

Maria Gudelis, a coach and sales strategist, based in London, Ontario recently launched her new podcast titled, ‘It’s Okay To Fail,’ available on her website. The podcast aims to motivate and inspire her community and her clients to make the best of their abilities and use it for their success.

To quote Maria, “My most successful clients created their first million-dollar business by first establishing a goal and then smashing through any obstacles to get to that goal. There will always be obstacles produced from limiting beliefs and the outside world events one can’t control. The key to success is simply taking action and learning from things that didn't work or some would call a failure, evaluating that failure, adjusting their next actions with my coaching and mentorship so that they broke through the million-dollar revenue mark with profits that allow them to grow even more!” She goes on to state, “That is why I decided to create this podcast to let more people know that it is okay to fail because failing might feel like crap but it's the necessary fertilizer to grow!”

The It's OK to Fail podcast talks about many aspects of dealing with failure. The podcast itself is about, “inspiring you and motivating you to grab that diamond essence that’s inside of you and share it with the world,” according to her website. Gudelis believes that her podcast is well suited to those whose fear is stopping them from creating the results they want or for those who are afraid to fail. It aims to help people fall in love with themselves and then fall in love with inspiring others. The journey begins with accepting that it is alright to fail and that one must experience failure in order to succeed. Gudelis asserts that her podcast is for those who want to learn to become fearless, to stand in their own power and to follow a dream without apologies. She says that she is thankful for having experienced failure as it was a step towards discovering herself and her life’s goals. She believes that this applies to everyone, whether their goals are for their business, their lives or for a personal aim.

The podcast will feature real conversations with real people who have overcome the shame and stigma of failure to uncover their true potential. Some of the guests who will be featured include millionaire entrepreneurs of all ages (such as Jason Fladlien, Steve J Larsen and Evan Carmichael). Gudelis will also be featuring businesswomen who are trailblazers, life and mindset coaches, and of course, herself. To quote the official website, “This podcast will also include ‘take action’ mindset tools to help you feel calm, confident and great!” She further states that this podcast is, “For the entrepreneur in you. This podcast will include snackable sales strategies that will blow your mind and grow your sales!” Learn more here: Maria Gudelis instagram.

In her podcast, Gudelis addresses the challenges one may face when taking a leap of faith in their lives. These leaps may include leaving a well-paying career in order to follow a new path and identity which gives an individual purpose, joy and is also profitable. This leap may be into a new business venture or a leap in one’s journey of personal growth. In the first episode, she recounts challenging aspects of her own life and states that, “I believe we are entering the year of 2021 with hope, resilience, and fortitude. And to activate change for you and your life, it’s time to harness the power within you to create a shift in prosperity and spiritual power.”

Gudelis believes that there are two missing ingredients when one wishes to make a change in their life. However, as she reiterates, the first ingredient is one that is found within each individual, waiting to be discovered and tapped into as they discover their true potential. The second ingredient is learning how to utilize starving crowds of prospects. Gudelis explains this in her podcast and website, stating that one should use, “social media so that you build visibility and authority that get those prospects to fall in love with you so that they quickly become your clients!”

Gudelis’ goal is to help her clients develop their business and make massive mental shifts in their personal growth as well. She is someone who, in the last 30 years, has made millions and occasionally lost millions. She is also the co-founder of a technology now used in an emotional intelligence app for Alzheimers’ patients, and she has taught over 25,000 people worldwide.

To learn more about the podcast and Maria Gudelis, interested parties may visit her official website. She can also be contacted via phone and email.

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