Maria Gudelis Emphasises Value of Belief in Oneself in New Podcast Episode

Maria Gudelis, a life and business coach based in London, Ontario, Canada, has stressed the importance of believing in oneself in episode six of her series of podcasts that are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. In the fifth episode, she discussed the value of believing in what one is offering, which is part of the holy marketing trinity or belief triad. The next important belief in this triad is belief in oneself, which is discussed in the sixth episode. Belief in oneself has to do with what one wants to create, such as the kind of business that one wants to establish. Maria Gudelis explains that belief in oneself provides a person with unlimited potential and those interested in learning more about the belief plan with Maria Gudelis may want to check out her podcasts.

Maria Gudelis explains, “Your power is in choosing selectively what you’re going to do. And your power is using your mind and the belief in you to create, as if you had a blank canvas, to create that vision, and then you determine what the plan is or what the path is to get there. And that’s really important because what is relevant here is what you want to create. Because if you don’t spend the time really thinking about this, it’s going to be hard to not fall prey (because our brains are sneaky) to a path your heart and mind don’t want to be on.”

She points out that people will usually suffer from what is known as the shiny object syndrome (SOS), which is the tendency to pursue a particular idea or trend without first carefully evaluating its potential with the result that one is distracted in pursuing a particular goal. In this podcast episode, Maria Gudelis also provides three exercises or tools that people can use to unlock their brilliance. In the seventh episode, she focuses on one’s belief in one’s client, which completes the triad of beliefs. Those who want to listen to all Maria Gudelis episodes can check out her website.

Maria Gudelis has succeeded in creating a number of multi-million dollar online companies and has taught over 30,000 people from various parts of the world during the last decade. She teaches people how to use her trademarked “FastTrack Blueprinting” (TM) methodology for the purpose of achieving significant business growth in a relatively small amount of time. In her latest project, she was able to bring in over $750,000 in booked revenue for one client in a span of less than four months.

Maria Gudelis was able to achieve three million dollars in consulting sales in just one year by applying her unique “Zen approach” to business. She obtained her marketing degree and her MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

That her programs really work has been attested to by her former clients. For Instance, Anita B. said, “My ability to quickly begin measuring success using Maria’s programs lies in her openness… Wow and ‘incredible’ is how I describe my experience with Maria and the team! Not only am I a member of the Ultimate Cash System Challenge, but I’m also a purchaser of the Done-for-You one-on-one coaching and business services program.”

In another highly positive review, Jim K. said, “I wanted to thank you for all your help and support! I spent a good six months or so lost in this vast ocean of internet marketing, frustrated and overwhelmed. A couple of months back now, I ran into an offer at the Warrior Forum that caught my attention in regards to offline marketing from someone I had not yet heard about, Maria Gudelis. […] Six months ago, I was lost and confused and today a have a very bright path in front of me, which I know is leading me to great success. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am and how truly grateful I am to have found you Maria…”

Those who are interested in learning more about how Maria Gudelis would be able to help as a life and business coach may want to check her website, contact her on the phone or through email, or follow here Faccebook page.


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