Marc Effron Interview Featured on Thrive Global: How to Build A Bulletproof Entrepreneurial Mindset

Marc Effron, co-founder of Legacy Healing Center in South Florida was recently featured in a Thrive Global Interview. In the interview, he speaks of his past, the challenges he’s had to overcome, and how’s he’s turned adversity into success.

Thrive Global provides behavior change technology and support to entrepreneurs and companies by offering sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance both well-being and performance. It was founded by Arianna Huffington in 2016 after her years-long struggle with burnout and stress. Thrive Global features interviews from high-level entrepreneurs and executives from a variety of industries and across the globe.

Marc Effron Legacy Healing Center Margate Florida

By sharing others’ tips and secrets to a healthy, well-balanced life and career, Thrive Global has become a leading source of information and inspiration for those looking to reclaim their lives and move from surviving to thriving.

This core mission, to help individuals thrive in their life, is shared by that of Legacy Healing Center. Marc Effron founded Legacy Healing Center after his own journey to sobriety. On his path to recovery, it became very apparent that there was a lack of resources to help individuals overcome the disease of addiction and truly thrive. From this idea, Mr. Effron made it his own personal mission to create a space for healing, a place that would teach individuals struggling with addiction to truly succeed in recovery and thrive in life.

Marc’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his incredible drive to create a next-level behavioral health and wellness space for addiction recovery, led to the founding of Legacy Healing Center. Each and every failure and success in his life were lessons, preparing him for this new chapter in his life. In the Thrive Global interview, he answers questions about his career before founding Legacy Healing Center, how he overcomes burnout, some of the greatest challenges he’s faced in his life, and more. He also shares a quote by Tony Robbins that brings him strength: “The past does not equal the future.” In the interview he adds: “This is a constant reminder that we get to decide moment by moment what and who we want to be and show up as that person for ourselves and for others.”

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