MAP Coaching Institute Stresses the Improvements Achieved by the MAP Method in Trauma Reduction

The owners of MAP Coaching Institute are very much interested in letting more people know about the services that they can provide and their therapeutic achievements that have been instrumental in helping people to finally overcome what has been blocking them from achieving success. They want to share some trauma therapist insights on how their proprietary MAP Method™ has been improving the results attained with trauma reduction therapy. This therapeutic modality is applicable for people who are suffering from anxiety, stress, phobias and other conditions that are due to trauma.

Colette Streicher, who developed the MAP Method with the help of Dr. Garry Flint, wants to stress that the main benefit of the method is that it provides a fast, gentle and effective way of reducing the effects of trauma. While most American therapists do get results over a period of several months or even years for each patient, not every patient can continue to receive therapy for such a long period of time, which often leads to clients quitting the therapy before complete healing. With the MAP Method, they have been able to achieve much faster results that are long lasting.

The MAP Method is an evidence-based therapeutic modality that is based on the realization that the brain can actually change and adapt both structure and function in response to experience. It has long been thought that the neural pathways created by experiences that produce long-term memories, such as traumas, are permanent. Thus, treatment modalities often use the strategy of creating parallel neural pathways that can be used to minimize the impact of the old neural pathway for the trauma. Unfortunately, these parallel pathways tend to be less stable and less strong, which often results in relapse.

With the MAP Method, those old negative memories that blocked happiness, healthy relationships, ultimate health and success are dissolved. The MAP Method takes advantage of neuroplasticity to “rewire” or “reconsolidate” a negative memory and establish a new neutral or positive one. This method came about by Colette Streicher’s discovery of a way to reopen the synapses and create a new learning such that the old memory was neutralized while the negative emotions were effectively disconnected from the core memory. In this way, the new memory became associated with peace and harmony, thus allowing the person to feel safe and at peace with long-lasting results.

The owners of MAP Coaching Institute are also keen on sharing information regarding the MAP Method to therapists, counselors, and psychologists who encounter patients who have experienced traumas. With the new modality having been observed to be effective in the treatment of various stresses, anxieties, and traumas of all kinds, whether they are based in unconscious or conscious issues, they are offering to teach this method to mental health professionals. They want mental healthcare professionals, including counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, to know that they have a MAP Certification Program that includes everything they need and want from a curriculum designed to equip them to help their patients and clients to resolve their traumas through the MAP Method.

Founded in 2015, the MAP Coaching Institute was created to allow them to apply their proprietary MAP Method to help people realize that they have a power within themselves to effectively and rapidly modify their beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that often function as obstacles in their path towards achieving a happy, balanced and successful life. They are also keen on teaching the program’s methods to other professionals, such as psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists, and also healing arts practitioners to help them provide a better treatment for their patients and clients.

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