MAP Coaching Institute Elucidates on How the MAP Method™ Works

The owners of MAP Coaching Institute are ready to release more details about their unique therapeutic approach and present insights to successes they have achieved and continue to see daily. The MAP Coaching Institute, which provides services internationally online, created a publicly accessible video to uncover details that answer an important question - how does The MAP Method work? In this video Colette Streicher, co-developer of the Make Anything Possible (MAP) method, discusses the evidence-based research in neuroscience that enables this therapeutic approach to alter the neural connections in the brain. These changes in the brain permit fast and lasting transformation, and these transformations have been consistently observed in their use of the MAP Method.

Regarding the reasons why the MAP Method works so fast and how the effects can be so long lasting, the video provides a range of relevant details. Colette Streicher points out that the foundation of this method is evidence based research on how memories are created in the brain, particularly long-term emotional memories. A long-lasting memory is created through the establishment of a neural pathway, and that pathway has long been regarded as permanent. With that construct in mind, therapies were created in which parallel pathways were developed to act as a competition to previously established neural pathways. However, over time it was shown that these parallel pathways were less stable and less strong than the original memory, hence patients using that modality experienced relapses.

MAP Coaching Institute 2022 The MAP Method and How It Works

It was in 2000 that neuroscientist Karen Nader discovered that it is possible to use the reconsolidation process in which the brain literally reevaluates the memory. Because that process creates a contradictory experience that is so significant, it appears to be shocking to the brain which enables it to open the synapses again. And when the brain opens the synapses, it opens an opportunity to “rewire” and thereby create a new memory. This is known as the reconsolidation window. With The MAP Method this “window” is used as a way to reopen the synapses and rewire the brain with a new memory and the old memory is thereby released. With this modality, memories of trauma, stress, anxiety, and similar emotive states can be rewired to memories of peace and harmony, resulting in long lasting feelings of safety.

Colette Streicher, Founder and President of the MAP Coaching Institute, says, “Our primary goal is to empower individuals to gently heal any unresolved trauma, easily overcome emotional stress, and quickly remove unconscious blocks. Each day, we help people develop a new sense of calm when dealing with their emotions, thoughts, and life situations so they can make a positive contribution to their family and community. The MAP Method was developed to help you establish a happy life that's an ideal expression of your highest values. If you’ve been trying for years to reach your full potential and still aren’t satisfied with what you have accomplished, MAP is likely the missing piece that you’ve been looking for.”

The MAP Method is a scientifically based approach that takes advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity to rewire and reconsolidate long-term memories that are often blocks to success. This method enables the replacement of the old negative wiring of the brain with a new connection that is positive or neutral. That rewiring can result in rapid changes and transformations in the way that person thinks and behaves. To uncover more insights to this MAP Method, please see their press release here:

Founded in 2015, MAP Coaching Institute uses their proprietary MAP Method that was created as a way to help people discover the power that they have within themselves to effectively and rapidly modify their feelings, beliefs, and thoughts that often hinder them in living extraordinary lives. They are also teaching the program’s techniques to other professionals to help them improve their treatment modalities used with their clients.

Those who would like to learn more about the MAP Method and the MAP Coaching institute can check out their website. To send a message or request an appointment, visit the website’s Contact Us page.


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