ManageByStats Bi-Weekly News Series Launches For Amazon Sellers

Today ManageByStats announced that they’ve launched a new bi-weekly news series, E-Commerce News By ManageByStats, or E-Comm News for short. The eComm- and Amazon-focused news show features MBS anchors, Jade and Justin, and every two weeks will cover the most important things Amazon sellers need to know about the world of online selling. Online retail turns on a dime, which means being at the leading edge of the information curve is critical. Ecomm News helps Amazon sellers get to that level, bringing key information in a concise, and humorous, format. MBS, known for their quality, informative content, often presented in a humorous way, delivers that same standard with the new weekly news segment.

“It’s becoming our hallmark,” says MBS CEO, Philip Jepsen. “Delivering the news in the same way is right up our alley. Our users appreciate it, and we believe a wider Amazon audience will as well. After all, you ought to be able to have a little fun while you’re learning.”

The highly informative short-form news show, typically 5 to 8 minutes, is aimed specifically at Amazon sellers, with coverage of both Amazon and general eComm topics. It will air on the MBS video channel on YouTube, hosted and run by ManageByStats. MBS is a comprehensive suite of multiple tools and services designed specifically for Amazon sellers, with tools for data analysis and automation of many of the day-to-day tasks required to run an Amazon business.

“The news is the latest edition to our expanding video offerings,” says Mister Jepsen. “Audio-visual is the most popular way to consume short-form information like this, and we’ve been adding to our How-To library, our informational content, and now the news.”

For more info on ManageByStats and their tools and offerings please visit the ManageByStats site directly. If interested parties have further questions, ManageByStats may be contacted directly by email.


For more information about ManageByStats, contact the company here:

Philip Jepsen, CEO
411 Cleveland Street, Suite 110
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