Luxury Travel Agency in Destin, FL Highlights a Resource for Travelers

Passport Renewals in Destin FL

DESTIN, Fla.- Since the coronavirus pandemic hit earlier this year, the travel industry has seen dramatic changes in how they operate. To ease some of the uncertainty, Have Travel Memories, a luxury travel agency in Destin, FL, is recommending a resource for quick passport renewal information and travel guidance.

As experts in their field, Have Travel Memories utilizes numerous resources to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing advisories around the world. One of the top resources the experts recommend is CIBTvisas. CIBTvisas is one of the largest passport and foreign visa providers in the world. They assist with a wide range of travel needs, such as obtaining passports, travel visas, and other travel documents. One of the most significant benefits of working with CIBTvisas is its speedy passport renewal process. Typically, the waiting period on passport renewals averages between 10 to 12 weeks unless there is an urgent reason to expedite it. However, CIBTvisas can provide a passport renewal time of only four to six weeks, which is half of the standard time frame.

Additionally, CIBTvisas provides regular updates referred to as the “Informed Traveler.” This service is designed to help travelers plan the logistics of their trip for a small fee. There are currently countless different quarantine protocols and health regulations in place around the globe, so it is important to know the details before traveling there. The Informed Traveler provides the opportunity to work with a trained specialist to review the destinations and keep travelers up to date with specific information. This includes changes to entry requirements, what to expect upon arrival, and information to know for the return trip. To take advantage of the Informed Traveler service, visit the CIBTvisas website at

Have Travel Memories is a leading travel advisor in Destin, FL, dedicated to helping each client plan the trip of their dreams. The company offers guided tours, group travel, as well as assistance in completing travel documents and passport renewals. For more information on travel guidelines, restrictions, or to book a trip with Have Travel Memories, call their Destin office at (877) 428-3041 or visit their website,


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