Luxury Addiction Treatment Facility In CA Covered By Most Insurance Plans

San Juan Capistrano, CA based South Shores Recovery is pleased to inform their community that they accept most major health insurance plans. This near-universal ability to work with insurance providers means that many suffering from addiction may be eligible for a complete treatment that is fully covered by the plan they are already on. Given that South Shore Recovery recently expanded its offerings to include a luxurious new 18-bed facility, this represents an excellent opportunity for an individual to build lasting sobriety in comfort and under the conscientious care of addiction recovery specialists. Those interested are welcome to visit the clinic’s website today to run their free insurance verification check.

The primary objective behind this — and many of the other decisions South Shores Recovery makes — is to make it as easy as possible for people suffering from addiction to seek the help they need. Many might decide against even trying to pursue sobriety with a professional’s help because they believe it would be too expensive, which is why the clinic advises everyone in this position to contact their team for guidance before making any decisions. In many cases, a prospective patient’s insurance plan may cover the entirety of their stay, so it is in their best interest to investigate this possibility.

A group of surf therapy participants at South Shores Recovery rides the waves into recovery from addiction

Notably, this would still not be enough to sway any reasonable individual if not for one other vital fact: South Shores Recovery offers some of the most highly rated addiction treatment programs in the region. In addition to having their stay covered by most insurance plans, patients have the opportunity to undergo a wide variety of proven treatments that will give them the best chance of getting fully sober, and more importantly, staying sober even after they leave South Shores Recovery. Learn more at the following link: South Shores New Locations.

Long-term sobriety needs to be built on a solid foundation, and this is where South Shores Recovery does its best work. Addiction, either to drugs or alcohol, is an illness that is deeply connected to altered brain function and structure. While the individual in question may have begun their interaction with such a substance in a recreational fashion, they are considered to be in the grips of addiction when they get to the point they are no longer able to stop themselves from using it again. This issue is so pervasive that they will most likely find it extremely difficult to get free of the addiction alone — even if they realize that this path will eventually lead to drastic consequences.

The key factor to remember here is that all hope is not lost. The team at South Shores Recovery has worked with patients many might consider beyond help, only for them to recover as time goes on. According to the clinic, their staff utilizes a multi-prong strategy that ensures each individual in their care receives therapeutic, experiential, and communal treatment. The purpose of this strategy is to reframe the patient’s experience from an unending battle with addiction to a process of healing.

On this note, the clinic asserts that there is no step more crucial to a patient’s recovery than Detoxification, more commonly known as Detox. Since it involves eliminating the patient’s ongoing substance abuse altogether (in order to reset their body to a point before their physical addiction), it can be incredibly difficult for them to undergo this process. This is another reason why South Shores Recovery attempts to make it as easy as possible for patients or their loved ones to get in touch to inquire about available spaces, expenses, insurance coverage and much more. If someone suffering from addiction is currently willing to consider receiving professional help, a delay caused by bureaucratic barriers may make it more difficult for them to stick to this conviction. This is particularly true for those who have experienced detoxification before and relapsed. Knowing the challenges ahead, a delay might weaken their resolve.

Fortunately, those who approach South Shores Recovery for help will find that barriers of this nature have been minimized as much as possible. For instance, in addition to their free insurance verification, interested parties may contact the clinic’s Admissions team quite easily, following which they can easily learn more about the full details and cost of attending the best treatment facility in Southern California in a matter of minutes. In fact, the process is so streamlined that same day placement is possible in several cases.

Additional details can be found on the South Shores Recovery website and social media platforms. Alternatively, anyone can directly contact South Shores now to discuss their needs further by phone at any time of night or day.


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