Lucid Leverage LLC Offers Reputation Management for Celebrities

Lucid Leverage LLC, an SEO and reputation marketing agency based in Tempe, Arizona, has announced that they are offering their reputation management services to celebrities. Having a good reputation is vital for celebrities and politicians in order to enhance their business and brand. They want to emphasize that the Internet has made it necessary for celebrities to have their online reputation managed. This is because a social media post that can ruin a celebrity’s reputation can go viral and destroy his or her brand. A video that was taken unknown to the celebrity and then posted on YouTube may not just be embarrassing but it may also hurt his or her branding.

Chris Quintela, co-founder and co-owner of Lucid Leverage, says, “We use every technology available, including AI (artificial intelligence) to make sure any embarrassing Tweets or bad press is suppressed on the search engines. When you issue a public statement to be picked up by the major press channels, we make sure that your positive press outranks your negative press on Google. We will work closely with your press agency to make sure the positive message is put front and center on all the search engines. Social media management for celebrities and influencers is also an important piece of the puzzle that we leverage to mold your reputation.”

Lucid Leverage has the capability to heavily influence the search engines in favor of their clients and provide them with a distinctive advantage in the market place. Reputation marketing for celebrities is the best approach to make sure that they have a solid hold on their brand, name, and positive image online.

For online reputation management, Lucid Leverage makes use of cutting-edge technology to suppress those negative reviews or comments to ensure that these will no longer be on the first page of the Google search results. Furthermore, they will take the five-star reviews received by the client and create Hollywood style videos to showcase them for the world to see.

Lucid Leverage, who is also a private label SEO reseller, also provides SEO services for local businesses and one of the techniques used is to ensure that the client’s business is properly listed on Google Maps. Having an accurate business listing is vital to the success of a client’s SEO and Google Map placement. They will make the necessary corrections in the client’s business listings in real time, including improved content with control using a single centralized platform.

They want to point out that other services would just submit the client’s information to the directories but in contrast, Lucid Leverage has complete control of the information because of their direct partnerships with every publisher that displays the business’ information. They are capable of updating the client’s listings in more than 60 local directory websites from their control panels, and the updates can be seen within 48 hours. These updates will include the addition of pictures and YouTube videos to the client’s business listings, including links to the business’ website.

Another important service provided by Lucid Leverage is social media management. This has become much more important today because people no longer just use social media for entertainment. They are now using sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to stay informed and make critical purchasing decisions. Targeted hashtagging and proper message are now vital for a business to remain visible and relevant in the online marketplace.

Lucid Leverage makes use of a unique and modern strategy for the social media management services that it provides to celebrities, businesses, politicians, and online brands. The first step in this strategy is to identify the client’s target audience. Their team will then consult with the client for the production of valuable content with the proper targeted messaging.

They will then ensure that the client’s target audience will see the brand, message, and calls to action with the goal of converting them into long term customers. Their SEO technology, combined with their reputation management techniques, will make sure that the content and messaging will be seen on various social media platforms, including the largest search engines.

Those who are interested in reputation management for celebrities may want to check out the Lucid Leverage website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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